Omicron, the newest variant of Covid-19, destroyed the travel plans of thousands of people all over the world. The highly infectious disease has hurt millions of the holiday crowd. There are over 6,000 cancellations of flights and thousands of delayed flights on a rough estimate.

To add to the traveler's woes and the travel chaos in the United States, there is the weather. It could play spoilsport and devastate the holiday plans of many in the country's west. However, in cities like Seattle and Portland in the northwest, it might end up as a white Christmas.

More than 2,620 flights scrapped worldwide on Saturday. Most of them either originated in the U.S. or were headed to destinations in the U.S. The cancellations and delays have become the norm, and Omicron is responsible for the chaotic condition.

The virus struck the airlines' staff at various levels, and they had to be quarantined after exposure to Covid-19 and its variants. That is a major issue for many carriers, especially short-staffed ones. The result is the cancellation of flights, which aggravates the peak travel periods.

Spike in Omicron cases affected flights

Airlines are trying to reroute pilots and planes and reassign employees to tackle the situation. The surge in Omicron has upended business.

One of the airlines admitted that Omicron affected its flight crews and those who run the operation. Consequently, it had no option but to cancel some flights.

Other airlines are facing similar situations. These have left the people frustrated, especially those who were keen to reunite with their families over the holidays.

Last year the coronavirus ruined businesses and the lives of the people, this year, it is the turn of another variant of the virus to disturb their lives.

China also faced cancellation of flights

Airlines in China also faced the cancellation of flights. There was the scrapping of flight plans, and one of the airlines had to ground some of its scheduled departures.

In America, millions were scheduled to travel by air or by road between December 23 and January 2.

That would have meant a considerable increase in the traffic of last year. These were during the pre-Omicron period. However, the surge in infections has upset all calculations. Moreover, the National Weather Service announced winter storm warnings in parts of the west. It could mean difficult driving conditions in some stretches.

Hundreds of Christmas Day flights canceled

COVID-19 infections are playing havoc on air travel. U.S. airlines scrapped hundreds of flights due to massive cancellations. There were also instances of delayed flights. The Christmas holidays are usually when people go in for air travel.

However, this year, the rapid spread of the Omicron variant has increased COVID-19 infections. Consequently, many pilots and crew had to be under quarantine.

An official of one of the airlines explained: "The nationwide spike in Omicron cases this week has had a direct impact on our flight crews and the people who run our operation." Incidentally, this is the newest variant, and it surfaced in November. It now accounts for nearly three-quarters of cases in America and as many as 90 percent in some areas, such as the Eastern Seaboard. It seems Omicron produces milder illness and a lower rate of hospitalizations when compared to earlier variants of COVID-19.