The hermit kingdom appears to be in dire straits as shortage of food is forcing people to go in for a change of food habits. North Korea is looking at the ornamental black swan as a substitute. The ruling party's Rodong Sinmun newspaper said this breed of birds is tasty and has a medicinal value.. Work is on for their industrial breeding. The state media says a swan house is already built at a duck farm. Work is on in full swing for this project. The intention is to improve the living standard of the people.

The food situation in the totalitarian state is grim.

Its leader Kim Jong-un made a public admission in June that there was a poor harvest last year. As a result, there is a food crisis. One main factor responsible for such a state of affairs is the UN sanctions imposed on North Korea because of its nuclear programs. Kim Jong-un did make an attempt to come out of the web of sanctions. He and former U.S. President Donald Trump met at different venues to evolve an acceptable solution. That did not happen. Other factors are the Coronavirus pandemic and natural disasters like typhoons.

The leader of the North wants security for every grain

Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, appears to have lost weight. Earlier, his physique used to be in sharp contrast to that of his people who had to go through the extreme food scarcity.

In April, acute food shortage and lack of medical aid in North Korea forced foreign diplomats to leave the country. However, recent photographs of the leader shows he has lost weight.

It seems Kim Jong-un has ordered security for every grain. It will be an integral part of an all-out farming effort. In the opinion of experts, the situation is a matter of concern and China is sending large consignments of humanitarian aid.

North Korea trying to come to terms with food shortage

According to Business Insider, North Korea is breeding black swans. These will finally go to change the food habits of the people. It is facing shortage of food and wants to solve the crisis. The food situation in the North has worsened in the wake of natural disasters like typhoons that destroyed the crops.

Moreover, North Korea had closed its borders with China once coronavirus surfaced. The country did not want to spread the infection. That had a direct effect on the availability of essentials. As things stand, the regime could consider abandoning its nuclear programs. That could mean relaxation of sanctions and relief for the people.

In early 2019, the North conceived the idea of breeding swans for meat

Business Insider says the state media recently announced the new plan of breeding black swans to help alleviate the food crisis. Rodong Sinmun is the official government newspaper. It said: "Black swan meat is delicious and has medicinal value." The newspaper added that a black swan breeding center was set up on October 24 on the east coast.

In June, Kim Jong-un had talked about a tense food crisis. In August, North Korea admitted that coronavirus and lockdowns had sparked hardships. Later, in September, he urged his men to come up with solutions to the "food problem." Next month, a media outlet said a United Nations expert had described the food shortage as precarious. Incidentally, at present, swan meat is not readily available in the United States and much of Europe. There was a time in the past when swan meat was an acceptable ingredient in France, England and even North America.