Democrat Joe Biden was elected president of the United States on a platform promoting bipartisanship. Something that various studies have shown is widely desired in the country at present.

Republican Jeff Flake is a former member of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. More recently, he's been working for CBS. He's also known as one of the most high-profile critics of now-former President Donald Trump. To many, they seem like an obvious partnership to work together in some official fashion. And, it now seems to finally be coming to fruition.

Biden taps Flake for high-profile ambassadorship

President Joe Biden is set to name Jeff Flake as the United States ambassador to Turkey, according to CNN. The post would be a prestigious one even in more mundane circumstances. But, as indicated by Yahoo, tensions have been rising with Turkey. An appointment to the job in the current context indicates a lot confidence in the individual.

On paper, at least, the United States and Turkey remain allies. Current Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has drawn international criticism for many of his actions. Including cracking down on free speech, punishing political rivals and oppressing democracy.

During his time in the U.S. Senate, Flake's committee assignment included serving on the Foreign Relations Committee.

The announcement about his being appointed to Turkey came after he apparently denied reports about other countries. In particular, that he would be appointed as U.S ambassador to New Zealand. Along with other rumblings about an ambassadorship to Samoa.

Flake was elected to the Senate in 2012 from Arizona. He succeeded then-Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl, also a Republican, who wasn't running for re-election.

But Flake would choose not to run again in 2018. Deeply unhappy with the current state of the Republican Party and the impact of Trumpism on it.

Previously, Flake had been elected to several terms in the U.S. House of Representatives. Initially, from Arizona's 1st District. After a re-districting, he was moved to the state's 6th District.

Before formally entering politics, Jeff Flake was active in promoting democracy in Africa. His uncle, Jake Flake, was a prominent state legislator in Arizona. Rising to become speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives. Afterward, he served in the Arizona Senate, remaining a member until his death.

Flake would have to be confirmed by the Senate, which he likely will be. Traditionally, sitting senators are relatively easy on colleagues, past or present, up for a position requiring confirmation. But it remains to be seen if Trump allies in the Senate have different views of him.

One of a few serving or former elected officials appointed to ambassadorships

Thus far, the bulk of Biden's ambassadorship appointees have been career diplomatic officials.

But there have been a number he's selected with histories in major elected politics.

He named Ken Salazar as U.S. ambassador to Mexico. Salazar's career has included being elected as attorney general of and a U.S. senator from Colorado. Later, he was appointed as the first U.S. secretary of the interior by President Barack Obama. That position also requires Senate confirmation.

Biden chose current Los Angeles, California Mayor Eric Garcetti as U.S. ambassador to India. As well as former U.S. Representative and Chicago, Illinois Mayor Rahm Emanuel as ambassador to Japan. Emanuel's other previous roles include being the first White House Chief of Staff for Obama. There's also sitting Massachusetts House of Representatives Majority Leader Claire D.

Cronin as ambassador to Ireland.

There are also ambassadorships to organizations, rather than countries. Among that crop of ambassadors, Biden appointed former Delaware Governor and Treasurer Jack Markell as ambassador to the OECD. An international economic organization.