Europe is facing unprecedented floods that have affected normal lives. In the latest instance, torrential rain triggered landslides and floods in Italy. These converted roads into rivers and sent incredible amounts of debris, in the form of wood and other substances, into Lake Como. The floodwaters gushed down the mountains and streets following heavy rains in the region. There were reports of landslides from different locations, which are normal in such situations. These have reduced the available travel options.

Daily Mail UK mentions the isolation of villages because of collapsed roads or roads blocked by debris.

There were damaged cars on the streets with some of them overturned. The authorities had to arrange the evacuation of people from danger zones and there are no reports of causalities. However, people seem to have lost the rhythm of life. The recent floods in Western Europe killed at least 189 people and displaced thousands from their homes.

Hailstorms preceded the floods

Extreme weather hit parts of Europe and there was large-scale loss of lives due to the floods. These happened in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. In fact, floods in Germany and Belgium left 60 dead with many more missing. There was a trail of destruction and it would involve enormous sums to repair. It seems in Italy a severe hailstorm preceded the floods.

The size of the hailstones resembled tennis balls and they led to the temporary closure of a highway. Windshields of dozens of cars suffered damages from the hailstones that fell from the skies. Daily Mail UK says hailstorms are a common summer feature in parts of Italy, especially the Po River Valley. However, in the opinion of a meteorologist, the strength and frequency of hailstorms this year were a bit strange.

Coldiretti is an agricultural lobby. It has analyzed the phenomenon of oversized hailstorms. Their dimensions are a matter of concern. The lobby cautions that these can wipe out entire fields of vegetables and fruit. It attributes blame to “this crazy Climate" for a drop in harvests of peach, apricots, and nectarines.

The floods trapped people in their homes

According to Sky News, mudslides and floods gripped parts of northern Italy. The extreme weather left many people trapped in their homes in towns surrounding Lake Como. Firefighters came to the rescue and had to grapple with the debris to save them. The storms battered the picturesque lake. It is a popular tourist destination. A landslide in one location resulted in a gas leak. Fire crews had to evacuate residents from an apartment building threatened by floods.

The agricultural lobby believes floods are due to climate change

Coldiretti, an agricultural lobby group, says extreme weather has intensified in recent years. These are giving rise to more frequent, sudden, and violent storms.

In addition, there are bursts of short and intense rainfall coupled with rapid changes in the weather.

Sky News quotes them saying: "We are facing in Italy the consequences of climate change.” These are not healthy signs because they increase the occurrence of extreme events. The lobby also says the last decade has witnessed damages to agriculture production, buildings, and infrastructure. These are because of events like floods and landslides provoked by climate change. The world has to realize the dangers that stem from irregular patterns of the weather and take appropriate action. These include discarding traditional fossil fuels and switching over to renewable energy. Many countries have set for themselves target dates to embrace alternatives like electrically powered vehicles.