The Democratic Republic of Congo faced the fury of a volcano that left at least 15 dead, with many unaccountable. An official of the government clarified that nine of the victims died in a traffic accident. This happened as the people were fleeing. Four others lost their lives as they attempted a jailbreak while two burned to death. In April 2019, Mount Agung volcano erupted in Bali, Indonesia, and left tourists worried. The volcano is a natural disaster and leaves behind a trail of destruction. People who live in volcano prone areas have to recognize the telltale signs and take necessary action in advance.

The BBC reports that many of the survivors were searching for the missing loved ones. Mount Nyiragongo spewed out a river of lava on Saturday. The flow stopped short of Goma. This is a city located just south of the volcano. Its population is around two million. The death toll could increase because many places are inaccessible, and officials are trying to reach people in these areas. UNICEF says many of those missing are children. It assured about setting up centres to extend assistance to unaccompanied minors.

The volcano damaged innumerable houses

Volcano spews molten lava, and in the case of Mount Nyiragongo, the flow came to a stop near the city of Goma. This resulted in extensive damages to buildings in its path.

Their reconstruction would be a long drawn process that could run into months. The volcano is located six miles from Goma. Its last eruption was in 2002, with the loss of 250 lives. It made 120,000 homeless. The BBC quotes a source saying: "All the houses in Buhene neighbourhood were burned.” The lava flowed over a highway, connecting Goma to the city of Beni.

It cut off an important supply route. The airport was safe, but there were seismic tremors. The authorities advised the people to remain vigilant, avoid non-essential travel, and abide by the directions.

Evacuation orders were given because of the volcano

When a volcano erupts, lives are in disarray and the authorities plan for the evacuation of people.

That ensures their safety. In January last year, the Taal volcano became active in the Philippines. It meant the evacuation of people and disturbance in flights. In the case of Mount Nyiragongo volcano, the government announced an evacuation plan. However, many residents left their houses on their own and fled on foot carrying essential items. Witnesses recounted the miseries as they watched the fire engulf their homes. One resident said people would need help from the government to rebuild their lives. There are many active volcanoes in the World, and this is one. Its deadliest eruption was in 1977 when it left more than 600 dead.

Volcano forces people to flee into Rwanda

According to Sky News, the eruption of the Mount Nyiragongo volcano saw about 5,000 people flee from the city of Goma across the border into Rwanda.

Many people headed in a different direction in search of safety. A large number of children are missing. The molten lava affected 17 villages and destroyed health centres, a primary school, and a water pipeline. It damaged the main road to the north, which is a route to leave the city. The main electricity supply also suffered damages. Most of the residents have lost their belongings and are helpless. There is panic as they do not have shelter and need humanitarian aid. The volcano last erupted in 2002, and there was widespread destruction in Goma. Hundreds of lives were lost, and thousands became homeless. The lava flow damaged the city's airport. Incidentally, this city is the base for some humanitarian agencies and a UN peacekeeping mission. In April, the eruption of a volcano on St. Vincent Island led to an evacuation.