It takes all sorts to make a world, and those who love to Travel by road can soon have an option to go from Delhi to London by bus. They will not face any hassle at any airport or worry about changing flights but can enjoy the sights along the route that will cover 18 countries. There will be accommodation for a limited number of people on the bus, and they can break the journey at essential destinations to visit local tourist spots in cities en-route. It would be an organized bus trip with fares pegged at around $20,000 per head.

CNN elaborates on the vision of the expedition company.

It is a bus service between Delhi and London where tourists can hop-on and hop-off to avoid boredom and enjoy the journey. A couple of entrepreneurs and enthusiastic travelers founded the company after one of them undertook a solo journey between the two capitals in 2010. In his words - "It is a fantastic journey."

They have already organized three India-to-London expeditions. Those were by individuals who traveled in their vehicles and moved in a convoy as a group. The duo has also arranged some uncommon tours because they wanted to be different and set new standards. They wanted to experiment, and their outlook was quite unlike familiar tour operators who offer standard travel packages with little or no variety.

Delhi to London by bus will be a new experience

The complete journey will be overland and will probably between April and June. That is the period when the weather is favorable for travel of this nature. The route would pass through varied environments that will add to the charm.

CNN says one of the organizers explains briefly about how the idea of the Bus to London was born.

It was the outcome of a couple of travel enthusiasts who wanted to offer something new to the tourism sector. They wanted it to be out of the ordinary and appealing to tourists.

The trip to London will be unique

It seems the trip will originate in Delhi and terminate in London.

The former is the capital of India, and the latter is the capital of Britain. On arrival in London, the passengers will have to take a flight back to Delhi. The return trip of the bus will have a fresh batch of passengers from London to Delhi.

Such a journey will be unique and the journey of a lifetime. It will appeal to those who love variety in life and offer travelers an opportunity to see and enjoy the changing scenes as the bus passes through the countryside and new cities. When one looks out of the window during a flight, one sees only clouds. In a ship, one sees only water. However, when it is overland, one encounters variety.

CNN adds that the organizers confirm the route is tried and tested, and local guides will be on hand to assist with travel logistics.

One of the organizers says - "It's a life-changing journey, something that people will always remember, and they will cherish it forever."

London is a great destination

According to WIO News, an expedition company has introduced a modified luxury bus service from Delhi to London. The name of the company is Adventures Overland, and each bus will carry 20 passengers.

During the journey, passengers can "hop off" and explore different locations on the way. These are tentatively planned to start by mid-2021, provided coronavirus travel restrictions are eased. The company is upbeat and says the response from would-be travelers is positive. Many of them have already booked their seats.

Incidentally, London is a great travel destination.

In February 2018, there was news about NASA developing a plane that could fly from New York to London in three hours. Moreover, in March 2020, it was reported that Qantas had plans to fly direct from Sydney to London via Darwin.