Migrants ignore risks and undertake perilous journeys across the English Channel to enter Britain. Circumstances force them to move out of their homeland and seek new destinations elsewhere. In the latest incident, more than 400 of them crossed the body of water to reach the shores of the UK. It was a record of sorts for a single day. It overtakes the record of 235 set on August 6 this year. The Home Office informs that the authorities intercepted most of them while some succeeded in landing on beaches. The weather was clear and patrol vessels of the Border Force used lifeboats to bring them on shore.

Many of them had to wait in the boats of the Border Force before they received permission to disembark. It seems this year the total number of migrants added up to more than 5600.

Sky News says the government is aware of the issue. Prime Minister Boris Johnson believes the human traffickers look at such movement of people as profitable ventures. He wants to tackle the crisis and has plans to amend the law. In this context, the statement of Home Secretary Priti Patel deserves a mention. She had said last year that such incidents of migrants crossings over would reduce by spring 2020.

Efforts to check entry of migrants

The issue of migrants is one that countries face all over the world. There may be reasons aplenty, which have to be addressed because it is all about survival. They might involve people who are victims of poverty or of violence and need humanitarian aid. More often than not, majority of them end up as victims of exploitation by human traffickers.

Sky News quotes earlier immigration minister Chris Philp explaining to the Commons - "We are working closely with our French colleagues to prevent these crossings. This includes patrols of the beaches by French officers, some of whom we fund, surveillance and intelligence sharing."

The migrants included children

According to The BBC, the migrants crossed the English Channel in small boats.

There were several boats and some of them included children. Few of the elders carried children who were too young to walk. It seems French authorities rescued some more people when they faced difficulties in reaching British waters. The seas were rough at the end of August because of storm Francis but cleared with the new month. Prime Minister Boris Johnson had sympathies for them. He said - "I have a great deal of sympathy with those who are desperate as to put their children in dinghies or in children's paddling pools and try to cross the channel." He went on to caution that these people are likely to fall prey to criminal gangs.

Thousands of migrants crossed the Channel since January 2019

Home Secretary Priti Patel vowed to make the dangerous route "unviable" but facts prove otherwise. The BBC adds that the inflow of migrants continues and they include children. The Home Office does not disclose their details. In October 2019, there was an incident of migrants from Vietnam who were discovered packed in lorries in Essex. They had suffocated to death. A section of the people feels migrants are refugees and need the sympathy of others. Moreover, it is a global phenomenon and a humanitarian issue because it all boils down to an urge to survive in a world riddled with problems. The migrants want to get a new lease of life.