Activists in the South used to send propaganda balloons containing leaflets pertaining to North Korea across the border. Kim Yo-jong does not approve of such activities. She is the sister of Kim Jong-un and she wants South Korea to take immediate action to end them. She used strong words to describe these persons and compared them to animals. She wants South Korea to take necessary action and put an end to the balloons. The South had no other alternative but to accede to the request. In fact, Seoul had to bow to pressure from Kim Jong-un's powerful sister in order to maintain cordial relations with its neighbor.

South Korea is keen to keep the faltering diplomatic efforts alive. In the past, Seoul had taken temporary measures even though the North wanted a total ban. However, things have apparently changed with the arrival of Kim Yo-jong on the scene. She threatened to take action against the South unless it introduced a ban on propaganda balloons. Activists have been doing it for years, but Pyongyang interprets them to be an attack on its government.

Daily Mail UK says nowadays, defectors and others have used balloons to send leaflets into the North. These leaflets are usually critical of the leader Kim Jong-un.

One of the subjects is his nuclear ambitions and another is the human rights record of the hermit kingdom. Kim Yo-jong wants Seoul to ban activities of this nature. Her threats include ending the military agreement. She also dropped hints that there could be the closure of a liaison office and a factory site. Both sides consider these as symbols of reconciliation.

North Korea wants to assert its importance

South Korea has a Unification Ministry. It works towards creating a better relationship between the two Koreas. Yoh Sang-key is a spokesperson of the ministry. He said the government is aware of the problem and it would try to introduce legal provisions for resolving activities that could create tension.

He went on to add that the balloon campaigns were not conducive to the safety of people who reside in the border area.

Daily Mail UK adds that in the opinion of an official from Seoul´s presidential office, the balloon launches are not in anybody’s interest. The government will ensure avoidance of activities that could jeopardize security. Incidentally, in 2014, soldiers exchanged fire across the Demilitarized Zone on the issue of balloons. However, there are no reports of casualties. There was a military agreement reached during the third summit between the two Koreas.

Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in attended and it was a major step in the peace process. Both sides had taken decisions on a wide variety of subjects. However, the North appears to be worried about its talks with the United States. After inconclusive talks between Kim Jong-un the leader of North Korea and Donald Trump on denuclearization, Pyongyang wants Seoul to break ties with Washington and divert its attention to improve relations with the North.

The new star on the horizon of North Korea is Kim Yo-jong

According to The Guardian, Kim Yo-jong, the powerful sister of the North Korean leader, has become vocal. She cautioned the South that its failure to stop propaganda leaflets coming over the border could have a severe effect on the reduction of military tensions.

Kim Yo-jong has gained prominence in North Korea within a very short time. From her utterances, it seems she wants to have a firm grip over the South. She holds a senior position in the ruling Workers’ party.

Kaesong industrial complex in North Korea

North Korea has the Kaesong industrial complex. It is situated near the DMZ and employs workers from the North while the investment and technology belong to the South. The Guardian mentions that the complex opened in 2004 and was an example of economic cooperation and reconciliation. However, it is inactive since 2016 when the previous government withdrew from the project to protest a rocket launch and nuclear test by the North. Anyway, Kim Jong-un inaugurated a fertilizer factory in North Korea on May Day.