North Korea, the hermit kingdom wants to send out a message to the world. It chose to launch a couple of projectiles to reveal its intentions. Seoul's Joint Chiefs of Staff confirms this and says the projectiles of North Korea had a range of around 149 miles. Experts have analyzed the event but maintained silence over the nature of the weapons. They did not clarify whether the projectiles were ballistic or were rocket artillery. The timing coincided with the review of a military exercise by Kim Jong-un, leader of North Korea. It pertained to North’s artillery drill aimed at testing the combat readiness of front-line units and those in the eastern areas.

The launch was probably to remind the world that the country wants some sort of positive action on issues that are hurting it, especially the sanctions imposed by the global community.

Daily Mail UK says North Korea held back the display of weapons because of the coronavirus threat. The country took precautions against the possible spreading of the disease by curtailing many programs of the military. Observers interpret the latest show of force by the regime as an attempt to boost the morale of its people. Kim wants to show to the world that his country is able to contain the outbreak.

It has put on hold cross-border traffic, banned tourists, and intensified screening at entry points.

The dilemma for North Korea

Normally, South Korea and the United States conduct joint exercises during spring but this time, they have announced the postponement of these drills. They do not want to expose their men to the coronavirus outbreak.

It has already affected many people in South Korea. The North usually intensifies testing of its weapons during the joint military drills because Pyongyang feels they are in preparation for an invasion. Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump met on three occasions to resolve the issue of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula but the missions failed.

Following the collapse of the last meeting in Hanoi, the North renewed its ballistic activity after a break of 17-months.

Daily Mail UK goes on to say the launch of projectiles by the North comes as a setback for South Korean President Moon Jae-in who is keen to revive inter-Korean engagement. He wants the two Koreas to join hands and to fight the COVID-19 outbreak in Asia. Incidentally, there is a deadlock in nuclear negotiations between North Korea and the Trump administration. Therefore, Kim’s regime wants the South to defy U.S.-led international sanctions on the North.

Kim also wants to restart inter-Korean economic projects to help boost the economy.

Tussle between North Korea and the United States

According to The BBC, North Korea conducted the first apparent weapons test of 2020. It was the launch of two unidentified projectiles. South Korea's military confirms this. In the words of South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), they were "believed to be short-range ballistic missiles." This launch comes after South Korea and the US announced a postponement of joint drills because of the coronavirus. North Korea conducted its last missile test in November 2019. There appears to be no indication of the resumption of talks between the US and North Korea on the subject of denuclearization.

This could be worrying Kim Jong-un. He and Donald Trump met in 2018 in Singapore for the first time. Once again in February 2019 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Subsequently, in June at the demilitarized zone. However, there is still no progress on this issue.

Conflict of interests between America and North Korea

North Korea wants the easing of sanctions while the United States wants denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. The two leaders, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have forged a bond between them but they are unable to work out a solution. It is due to a conflict of interest. The two leaders met for talks thrice at different venues and Mike Pompeo believes there could be another Trump-Kim summit soon.