It was a major climatic disorder as portions of France, Italy and Greece were plummeted by heavy rains. There are reports of loss of lives, at least seven, due to various reasons associated with the rains. In France, the number of casualties was four. It was in the region situated between Marseille and Cannes. Two were of an elderly couple whose car sank into the water. The third died when a French rescue boat sank while the fourth was of a person found dead in a car. In view of the weather condition, there was closure of many roads on the French Riviera and plenty of areas had to go without electricity.

Sky News makes mention of Italy. Here the rivers continue to rise because of the heavy rain. It seems a woman was swept away in her car. Such climatic disorders lead to landslides. In one incident, an elevated road near Savona gave way due to a landslide. Rescue teams are at work trying to locate possible victims. There is a forced evacuation of people from danger zones due to the rise in the level of the Ticino River. Greece faced floods after a storm to the west of Athens. Two people, possibly tourists, died when their sailboat faced severe weather.

Mudslides in Greece have led to the closure of roads. This area had faced forest fires that resulted in the loss of trees. Such fires mean disturbance of the ecological balance and damage to the environment. Roots of trees help to bind the soil, and the force of rainwater sweeps the soil away once the trees burn. That means a disaster of sorts because when trees burn, birds, animals, and even humans lose their habitats.

At least nine lives lost

According to the Japan Times, the death toll in the heavy rains in parts of Europe is nine. The climatic disorder struck the Riviera coasts of France and Italy and led to floods in Greece. These are Travel destinations and the rain and floods played spoilsport for the visitors. There was disruption of communication with many of the roads remaining closed on the French Riviera.

That must have upset the travel plans of tourists in France. Rivers in Italy continued to rise endangering lives and properties. A stretch of an elevated highway collapsed following a landslide. This incident has safety implications because it happened within 15 months after an earlier bridge collapse in Genoa. It is a matter of concern because the highways in Italy are viaducts that pass through mountainous terrain.

Japan Times adds the authorities have begun work to restore electricity and clear roads of fallen trees and debris to bring normalcy back to the rain-affected areas.

Incidentally, the worst flooding reported is from the seaside resort of Kineta. It was the result of mudslide which had its origin in a nearby hillside damaged by the forest fire. Many people had to remain trapped in their cars and in flooded homes. The Fire Service was mobilized to rescue them.