The gold toilet stolen from Blenheim Palace is a priceless item valued at roughly $6M. It was part of an art exhibition, and thieves stole it on September 14. There is no trace of it until now. The police are already on the job and have released CCTV images of a car that could have been involved in the theft. Those who committed the crime must be experts because stealing such an item from the Oxfordshire home and birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill needed a lot of advance planning. In the opinion of investigating officers, the burglars might have made use of two vehicles.

The police have provided information about the probable model and type of vehicle used in the theft and have requested the public to watch out for it. A detective inspector said -"It is believed that it was displaying cloned plates.”

Sky News adds that the insurers have offered a "substantial reward" for its safe return. The name of the gold toilet was America. A renowned Italian artist installed it at Blenheim as part of an exhibition. Three years back, it was on display at New York's Guggenheim museum. Visitors could actually use it. There were enough safeguards to ensure safety. When Donald Trump took over the White House, he had the option of accepting the gold toilet.

Police have made some arrests

The authorities have so far arrested two persons who could be involved in the heist at Blenheim Palace. Sky News says one of them is in his late 60s and he is on police bail until 9 October.

The other person was in his mid-30s. Police took him into custody on charges of conspiracy but later released under investigation. It could be a tough proposition for the police because the theft occurred on 14 September and those who committed the crime already have a head start. Theft of such high-value items requires adequate knowledge of not just the process, but also the disposal action.

Thieves had to dismantle the item and shift it to their getaway vehicle. The gold toilet is not an item that is easy to conceal, and the investigators have to draw upon every available resource to nail the culprits.

Insurance company announces a reward

According to BBC, thieves stole the solid gold toilet from Blenheim Palace, and the insurance company for the palace has announced a reward of £100,000 ($123,000) for the safe return of the priceless item.

The palace has not commented on the reward, but the police have already made a couple of arrests. They have also released CCTV images of one of two cars that could have been involved in the heist.

One of these is believed to have cloned registration plates that could make it difficult to trace. Those who engineered the heist might have used sophisticated gears, but they cannot escape the law. The police have their methods, and there is no such thing as a perfect crime.