Travelers who had booked British Airways flights are feeling the result of a long-standing dispute over pay between pilots and BA. The authorities have canceled all UK departures and international departures scheduled for Monday and Tuesday. This will have an adverse effect on the Travel plans of thousands of travelers. The British Airline Pilots Association and the airline want to resume talks. However, there appears to be no progress in spite of intervention from high offices like Downing Street.

Sky News reports that British Airways have told passengers traveling on its flights to avoid airports during the strike period.

Moreover, there could be some sort of “knock-on disruption” even later because things will take time to return to the normal operations mode. The airline communicated through its website that its customer teams were trying to evolve suitable options for those affected by the strike. These include refunds and alternate flight dates.

The cost of disruption could be immense

British Airways has more than 4,000 pilots and operates 800 flights every day. Obviously, the strike could destroy the travel plans of thousands.

Some might be traveling on duty, others might be proceeding on holiday. The latter might have booked hotels and sightseeing options, which will need revision. The airline's Chief Executive Alex Cruz “demanded fresh talks with no pre-conditions.” He is keen to resolve this dispute at the earliest. He was not willing to speak up on the cost of the disruption but it could be a substantial amount every day.

If a solution to the dispute does not emerge, there could be another strike at a future date. Both sides are firm on their stands but they need to somehow arrive at a compromise for the sake of the passengers.

Sky News explains that as things stand, passengers could visit the website of the airline and explore possible options for refunds or rearranging flight plans.

In the case of booking through a travel agent, the travelers should contact them directly.

It seems to be a conflict of perception

According to the BBC, 4,000 pilots of British Airways have begun a two-day strike. It is related to an ongoing dispute over pay and conditions. The result is a chaotic situation with the cancellation of some 1,700 flights. The airline has advised thousands of passengers against going to airports. This is the result of a tussle between the pilots' union and BA management.

Both sides admit further talks are necessary but there are no dates set as yet. However, the pilots could go in for another strike on September 20. The general secretary of the pilot’s union says, "It is time to get back to the negotiating table and put together a serious offer that will end this dispute." Both sides bear in mind that flying is an essential service and they will hopefully react suitably to ensure a speedy end to the ongoing conflict.