The Pentagon confirmed resumption of joint military exercises between the Republic of Korea (ROK) and the US. The purpose of this combined training program is to maintain the readiness of the fleets and support diplomatic efforts. North Korea has reacted by threatening to restart its nuclear testing programs. These stood suspended in view of ongoing talks held by the two leaders. However, Kim’s regime looks at this as a breach of the "spirit" of the negotiations. The foreign ministry of North Korea views these joint military exercises as a "rehearsal for war" and broken promises.

US President Donald Trump made these promises during the June 2018 summit he had with Kim Jong-un.

CNN quotes the official statement of the North that says the United States is going back on its commitments. As a result, North Korea has to reconsider its stand. The actions of the US are nothing but “a rehearsal of war.” Its aim is to occupy the Republic. It reminds about President Trump’s commitment in the DPRK-US summit held in Singapore regarding the suspension of joint military exercises.

Pyongyang says it has kept its part of the deal

Subsequent to the Singapore summit, North Korea took steps to show its sincerity.

It discontinued testing of its nuclear weapons and ICBM. In fact, it did not test any nuclear weapon since 2017. Suspension of the exercises was an action the United State agreed to take to improve bilateral relations. However, the Pentagon confirmed resumption of the ROK-US military exercise.

CNN goes on to add that these were suspended or scaled back with a specific purpose.

That was to ease tensions with Pyongyang. However, the sudden warning comes soon after Donald Trump became the first sitting POTUS to step into the hermit kingdom. This new stand of the North could become an obstacle to further negotiations. The President wants denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. The two leaders met twice but the solution remains elusive.

There are possibilities of a third meeting.

North Korea escalates pressure

According to the New York Times, a few days back U.S. President Donald Trump stepped into North Korea where he met Kim Jong-un. The aim was to set the pace for restarting talks on denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. However, plans to restart the joint military drill with South Korea has not gone down well with North Korea. It dropped hints that it could retaliate by resuming its nuclear and long-range missile tests. Obviously, it is a delicate situation and decision-makers must weigh all the pros and cons. The efforts of President Trump must not go waste. The intention is to have a nuclear-free Korean peninsula and the efforts must be to achieve that goal. It is necessary to improve Pyongyang’s confidence level to ensure further bilateral talks.