Monsoons have unleashed miseries on millions of people in South Asia. This happens every year and the death toll varies as does the number of those affected. The fact remains that it is a direct result of Climate change. Areas that faced drought conditions recently are in the grip of floods and lives are in tatters. This year, the death toll has reportedly crossed the 100 mark and while floods and landslides have displaced thousands of families, it has affected millions. That is the scene not just in India and Pakistan but also in neighboring countries like Nepal and Bangladesh.

CNN reports that out of 100 deaths, 78 are from Nepal with another 29 from northeastern states in India. Flash floods have also devastated regions in Pakistan and Bangladesh. These countries are on either side of India. The toll in Pakistan is 28 and in Bangladesh 16. All of these are tentative figures provided by the authorities from each country and could increase. The floods have affected more than 6.7 million people India.

Devastation is unimaginable

When such a disaster strikes, there is all round devastation. Millions of acres of cropland are lost and infrastructure is in shambles with roads damaged and communication links broken.

The floods have swept away many of the livestock and wildlife sanctuaries remain isolated with no means of communication. Relief agencies have undertaken rescue work on a war footing and authorities are monitoring the progress on providing housing and crucial supplies to the displaced families. In Bangladesh, the situation is similar.

On a rough estimate, more than 200,000 displaced people are in temporary camps. In Nepal, the major rivers swelled to dangerous levels needing evacuation of the people.

CNN goes on to add that monsoon rains are necessary because they are the source of water for farmers and drought-hit regions.

However, when flash floods combine with landslides, the result can be disastrous. It can and does uproot lives. Incidentally, climate change is taking a heavy toll on the people. Last month, a couple of major Indian cities nearly ran out of water. Residents had to queue up for the precious commodity.

Flood situation in Asia

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, torrential rains in the initial days of the monsoons have wreaked havoc. Millions of people have lost their homes and are without any shelter. The death toll is more than 100 with a couple of states in India being among the worst. Communication links are broken with roads and railway lines under water. Floods in South Asia are an annual event and lead to mass displacement of persons and deaths. Large portions of the world famous Kaziranga National Park are submerged. This park is home to the rare one-horned rhino and many of these animals could be swept away by the floodwaters.