France is deploying the military to ensure the safety of government buildings and other important sites during protests by the yellow vests. The administration is unable to come out of the grip of yellow vest protestors who are fighting against certain policies of President Emmanuel Macron. The agitation began towards the end of 2018 and there is no end in sight. It has already taken a heavy toll of damages to properties located in prestigious places like Champs-Elysees Avenue in Paris. It is a favorite Travel destination but right now tourists appear to be confused.

Sky News reports the yellow vests protests began in November 2018. The protestors wanted to highlight a number of issues like rising fuel prices and the high cost of living because of tax reforms introduced by the President. Their demands were the reduction of fuel taxes and redefining the tax structures so the wealthy pay higher taxes. The protests have been taking place every consecutive Saturday and is gradually becoming more violent.

The military will now stand guard

President Emmanuel Macron wants the military to descend on the scene and help the administration to ensure the safety of government buildings and other sites from yellow vests protestors. Last weekend rioters had attacked luxury shops and scared away tourists. The rioters also ransacked the shops and set them on fire.

The president wants the military to handle such cases so that the police can concentrate on maintaining general law and order. Military forces in thousands are already deployed under the head of Operation Sentinel after the terror attacks in 2015. They carry automatic weapons and are meant to extend protection to sensitive sites.

The decision of Emmanuel Macron to deploy the military for controlling the yellow vests protestors has not gone down well with some leaders. Sky News adds that one of the critics says - "Maintaining order in France should be the police's and the National Gendarmerie's business. It is not the army's job." Another has asked- "In what European democracy is the army called into police a social movement?”

The yellow vest protests must end

According to BBC, the French police have banned yellow vest protesters from the Champs-Élysées in Paris following the destruction of businesses by rioters last week.

The government has also warned the protesters of severe action in case of fresh acts of violence. As a preventive measure, the government will be deploying soldiers to help maintain security, both in Paris and in Nice. This has led to criticism from certain quarters because they feel it is not right to deploy anti-terrorist forces to keep crowds in check. The ball is in the court of President Emmanuel Macron and he will have to evolve a solution before the situation spirals out of control.