US President Donald Trump had high hopes for denuclearization in the Korean Peninsula after his summit with Kim Jong-un in Singapore. He was confident about a positive outcome, and after the summit, he declared on Twitter that “there is no longer a nuclear threat” from North Korea. At a recent rally, he also termed it as a “great success’’ with Pyongyang. However, U.S. intelligence officials have revealed that there are doubts on the implementation of the decision by Pyongyang.

Washington Post (WP) reports that based on latest evidence unearthed by intelligence officials, it seems North Korea might not disclose its full inventory of nuclear weapons and production facilities.

These findings appear to be in line with fears that the country is not likely to go in for denuclearization.

North Korea could be a problem for Donald Trump

In the opinion of experts who are well versed in activities of North Korea, the commitments made by Kim Jong-un pertaining to the denuclearization of North Korea follow the line of previous leaders of the hermit kingdom. Experience has shown that in spite of commitments they usually go ahead and add to their nuclear arsenal.

It is obvious that decisions taken in the June 12 Singapore summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are faced with uncertainty. The hesitation on the part of the Kim regime to disclose full details of its nuclear holdings in terms of arsenal and test sites is a matter of concern for the U.S.


Donald Trump may have to recast his strategy

According to The Guardian, Donald Trump has admitted that the deal with Kim Jong-un could fail to deliver the necessary output. This came soon after media reports surfaced that North Korea has increased its production of enriched uranium at secret sites. During the Singapore summit, Trump had agreed to suspend the military exercises it conducts with South Korea.

In his opinion such exercises are expensive because the bombers have to fly in from Guam. His decision was intended to assure the leader of North Korea that the United States was sincere, he said in a Fox News interview.

However, the picture does not appear to be rosy any longer. Trump’s National Security Adviser John Bolton, has said that North Korea must go in for denuclearization as a matter of priority because that will lead to relaxation of sanctions and pave the way to prosperity.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, is likely to meet Kim Jong-un in early July. Preparatory talks have been held with officials of North Korea. Washington Post cited Pompeo as saying, “I’m not prepared to talk about the details of the discussions that are taking place." This was said in testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee," WP noted.