Technology usage in our daily lives continues to grow. With advancements in technology, virtual reality is making strides in the healthcare industry. In Paris, France, emergency rooms have begun testing an alternative path to pain relief.

According to Reuters, the immersive virtual-reality program was created by three graduates. It is being utilized in France to calm and relax patients. In other words, they can tolerate pain without having to use painkillers during unplanned visits to the doctor.

Reuters noted that one of the pioneers behind the program, Reda Khouadra (24), explained the purpose of using VR.

Reda said that this technique takes the patient "on a guided tour, in interactive mode, to play music, do a bit of painting or work out a riddle."

VR program: how it works in France

As patients are checked in they are provided with VR headsets or goggles. The people admitted into the hospital are transported to different places thanks to the goggles. For example, the headsets offer patients the ability to see a three-dimensional world of Japanese Zen gardens or snowy hillsides.

The approach of this visual experience apparently helps patients tolerate medical procedures.

Thanks to these goggles, painful injuries can be more tolerable by offering a relaxing visual field. For example, it helps to relax the patient when they come in with a burn that can be treated, a cut stitched up, sprains or requiring a shoulder to be back pushed back into place.

Olivier Ganansia, the person in charge of the emergency department at Saint-Joseph Hospital in Paris, explained the intricacies behind the program.

The program is designed as a technique to steer the attention of the patients and reduce their pain along with anxiety.

The name of the startup is known as the Healthy Mind.

Eyewitness News wrote that it has received a prize from an Australian university for the amount of $20,000. This money will allow the three company founders to pitch and present the project at Microsoft's headquarters.

Other applications of VR in healthcare

Virtual reality is helping to reduce pain. It is also being applied in other areas. Another familiar startup called Floreo has enhanced autism therapy. Their product uses VR to bring about social interactions between autistic kids and virtual characters in a scene.

Another development for virtual reality that is helping to enhance physician's care of the elderly was mentioned by This particular invention "We Are Alfred," was conceptualized by Embodied Labs. This program is designed for medical students and it helps them have insight look at how a 74-year-old man suffers from visual and hearing impairments.