A flight which was scheduled to arrive at Amsterdam, after a long-haul trip from Dubai had to make an unscheduled stop in Vienna as an elderly overweight man repeatedly farted in the parked out cabin. This caused a fight to break out between him and other passengers mid-air. The Pilot, however, took the initiative to end the journey before things got out-of-hand

How it all started

According to Daily Star, an overweight elderly man constantly passed gas, showing no remorse to passengers who complained to him about it. Two Dutchmen who sat next to him repeatedly told him to stop, but the man carried on.

The two Dutchmen decided to complain to Transavia Airlines Crew, but unfortunately, they were not able to contain the situation. This soon resulted in a heated argument as passengers began complaining and eventually a fight broke out. As a result, the pilot decided to make an Emergency Landing at Vienna Airport in Austria. This gave the Austrian Police the opportunity to board the plane and settle the dispute.

A clip recorded by one of the flight attendants showed four travelers who had caused the commotion, and they immediately removed them from the plane.

An Austrian police spokesman explained that “The case was as a result of a passenger suffering from flatulence, who did not attempt to restrain himself and that this deeply offended the Dutchmen.

He confirmed that four passengers had to be removed from the plane, the passengers included; the two Dutchmen and the two sisters Nora L, and her unnamed sister who sat close to where the commotion began.

Complaints from the suspects

One of the sisters Nora Lachhab, 25, explained to local media that she was puzzled as to why they had to be removed from the plane because all they did was sit in the same row the commotion started.

"The strange thing was that my sister and I had to leave the aircraft when we did not know these guys at all. We just happened to be in the same row but did nothing to justify the behavior of the two Dutchmen and the flight attendants.

However, A Transavia Airlines Spokesman told local media that the two sisters misbehaved and threw verbal abuse at others.

The four travelers that were removed from the plane by the police were banned from the aircraft, which meant that they had to devise another means for completing their journey.

It’s not clear if the elderly man faced any disciplinary action or not and also not clear what happened to the farting passenger, whether he has a medical condition or a stomach upset as a result of the meal he ate before embarking the journey?