The scene is being described as a “bloodbath” by the Australian media after a huge fight broke out on the popular Carnival Legend passenger cruise ship. The brawl led to the ship returning to shore, where the New South Wales police ejected at least 30 passengers, including nine members or 22 of one Melbourne family, depending on the news report.

As can be seen from the YouTube video included in this article, the brawl involved passengers, who got into the fight outside the ship’s bar. This was clearly followed by security guards getting involved, at least one of whom can be seen violently kicking a passenger who was lying on the floor.

'Bloodbath' on Carnival Legend cruise ship

Vice President Jennifer Vanderkreek of Carnival Cruise Line apologized in a news conference to other guests who were affected by the disruptive and violent group, explaining that the passengers were removed by NSW Police. Vanderkreek went on to say that their Care Team was looking after the affected passengers.

The passengers were enjoying a 10-day cruise in the South Pacific when the fight broke out, leading to dramatic video footage being captured, which shows at least 30 people fighting and brawling. Other passengers can be seen to be trying to hold them back, while others are screaming in horror. It was then that the security guards on the ship stepped in and managed to pin the brawlers to the floor.

However, other security guards were seen to kick two male passengers while attempting to separate them, while another can be seen being hit with a mobile phone by yet another passenger.

9News quotes Zac, one of the family members involved, as saying the brawl occurred over a misunderstanding relating to a thong. Zac told 3AW that the fight started after someone stood on a thong. No explanation was given as to the location of the piece of clothing. While the person involved immediately apologized for doing that, the fight began.

Zac said his nephew was threatened by four or five men when he was returning from playing soccer on deck. The men reportedly said they were “gonna get ya.”

When the cruise ship arrived at Eden, close to the border between New South Wales and Victoria, police boarded the vessel to remove at least 30 passengers, before the ship once again left on its way to Melbourne. The NSW Police confirmed that three teenage boys and six men were removed from the ship after being involved in the brawl, while a further 14 passengers, which included women and children, also disembarked.

However, reports that 26 members of one family were removed from the ship. No charges were laid and the family members then returned to Melbourne.

Continuing her press statement, Vanderkreeke said that other passengers who were involved in the brawl are cooperating fully with the police. Vanderkreeke went on to say that the safety and security of passengers and crew is their number one priority and that there is zero tolerance for such excessive behavior on the ship.

Passengers describe the bloody scene on the cruise ship

Meanwhile, other passengers on the cruise ship described the scene as two groups had clashed repeatedly during the voyage, leaving people injured and bloody.

When the brawl occurred, they described the scene as a lot of screaming and crying in the background.

One passenger, George Barkho, claimed to have suffered injuries in the brawl and alleges that security guards had confiscated people’s mobile phones in order to delete photos of the fighting. Another passenger said that on several occasions prior to the fight, violence had broken out with people threatening to stab or throw fellow passengers overboard.

One passenger said it was a traumatic experience to see the same offenders involved in the bloody brawl and said they were scared to leave their cabins.

Yet another passenger said the group had been looking for trouble right from the start. She also said security guards locked some of the brawlers in their cabins, leaving them injured and bloody. quotes Bec Dunn as posting to Carnival Cruise Line's Facebook page, describing it as the "holiday from hell" and saying her family would never travel with the cruise line again. Meanwhile, the cruise line has launched a full investigation into the incident.