Back in 2014, the world was in a complete uproar as Russia effectively invaded a neighboring country, annexed territory and then denied it had even happened despite mountains of evidence. People around the world flocked to social media to #PrayforCrimea as the port city along the Black Sea was usurped by the Russians.

Although the world has since moved on to other tragedies and conflict, the battle for Crimea has persisted.

In a massive prisoner swap, Ukraine forces released some 250 prisoners in exchange for roughly 70 of their own. On both sides, there were reports of prisoners not wanting to go back to their original side.

The crisis has completely reshaped the region and those who live there.

What happened to the Minsk agreements?

Much of the reason why the world stopped thinking about this conflict is the Minsk agreements. These carefully brokered peace deals were aimed at putting a stop to the bloodshed. Despite the generally agreed upon terms, fighting soon reignited and the violence has not wavered.

The recent prisoner swap was only achieved through negotiations between the Russian and Ukrainian presidents and their fellow religious leaders. Without their involvement, it was unlikely any deal would have been made. The importance of the Orthodox Christmas and new year were factors in resolving this matter quickly.

Will the war ever end?

The biggest question on people's minds has been when or if the war will ever end. It is a grim outlook as both sides do not show definitive goals to achieve victory. Without a clear-cut way to end the war, it is unlikely that fighting will end anytime soon.

It began when pro-Russian separatists stormed across Eastern Ukraine, occupying city after city.

The height of this incursion was the capture of Crimea. Shortly after that, Russia began recognizing Crimea as a part of their country

The Ukrainians were caught off guard initially but were eventually able to mobilize and push the rebels back on the eastern side of the country. Since then, however, it has been a bitter stalemate with only scores of dead bodies on both sides to show for it.

An intervention was needed to try and keep the peace, but the Minsk agreements did not set terms for ending the conflict. Concessions would need to be made on both sides in order for a lasting peace.

On Ukraine's side, they will need to give up on Crimea. Without a full-scale war, it is improbable that they could regain control of the port city. For Russia, they would have to take some responsibility for the rebels. They have so far claimed ignorance but it is obvious that they have been pulling the strings to some degree.

Either way, this conflict is far from over.