Any pretty girl knows exactly how Noa Jansma, 20, of Amsterdam feels when men constantly catcall in the street. What men don’t seem to realize is catcalling doesn’t work – and yet they continue to shout out obscene and often repulsive pick-up lines at women in the street.

Jansma decided to do something about the situation by starting a project she dubbed “dearcatcallers” on Instagram. Over the period of one month, she posted 24 selfies taken with men who catcalled her during that time. She says she is doing this to create awareness of the “constant objectification” of women in their daily lives.

She wants the men to know that catcalling is in no way a “compliment.”

Men, please stop – it doesn't work!

What men should realize is, catcalling doesn’t work – you don’t have a hope of attracting that lovely young woman with your constant barrage. Jansma wrote on Instagram that by taking the selfie images, both the object and the objectifier are pictured together. She said with herself as the object, standing in front of the men, represents the reversed power ratio she is seeking with her project.

Men pose happily for selfies

Noa told the Independent that she had been catcalled far more than the 24 times pictured on her account as she only took the selfies if she felt it was safe. The men pictured in the images are all happy, joking around and not suspicious of the fact she is taking the selfies.

Meanwhile Jansma herself she looks stony-faced and angry, staring directly into the camera.

As reported by the Charlotte Observer, Jansma told the Dutch newspaper Het Parool that the men are not suspicious, as they believe what they are doing to be completely normal. Only one man has ever asked Jansma why she was taking a selfie.

It’s not just the images, however, as she has captioned the images with the words used by the alleged catcallers. The following are some prime examples of what she goes through on a daily basis.

In the selfie images in the tweet below, the man on the left apparently asked her if she wanted a kiss, while the guys on the right went “mmmm,” calling her a beautiful and sweet girl.

The next one was not captioned on social media, so we can leave what they said to her to our imaginations

Jansma called the next one Classic 2.0 on Instagram, as they said “psst” and “whoop” and one of them asked for her number.

There was no caption for this smiling piece of manhood, either.

Not much imagination is needed, however.

One of the most disturbing of the lot was the following, where the man in question told her he knows what I would like to do with her.

The next one had his hand on her shoulder and apparently made a "pssst" sound, followed by a series of kissing sounds and whistling.

The next called her “baby,” thanked her and then blew kisses.

In the meantime, Jansma has racked up more than 81,000 followers on her Instagram account and has received praise and respect from women all over the world who can relate to her plight. Naturally there are negative comments too, where people ask what does she expect, she is pretty and the men are brave enough to tell her.

Even though she has now completed her 30-day project, Jansma isn’t going to let things lie. She says to show the problem is a global one, she wants to pass the dearcatcallers account on to other women in the world to continue what she started. Jansma invited other women to post their images to the social media platform or to send her direct messages to continue the cause.