Robert Nababan, 37, works as a security guard on a palm oil plantation in Indonesia. While heading home from work last Saturday, he encountered a 23ft python on the road. Two pedestrians were reportedly having problems crossing the road, so he decided to try and single-handedly catch the huge snake. After wrestling with it for some time, it bit his arm and he is now in hospital for his injuries. Nababan claims he killed the monster snake.

Man encounters massive python on the road

It happened in the Indragiri Hulu Regency in Riau Province, Indonesia, when Nababan was riding his scooter back home.

Nababan told reporters from his hospital bed that after seeing two people having problems crossing the road, he jumped to the rescue, attempting to wrestle and capture the 23ft python. While he tried in vain to capture the snake, it bit his left arm, causing deep lacerations to both the arm and his hand as well as a severed tendon. He said he was exhausted during the fight, hinting that the battle continued for some time. However, at that point in his story, Nababan’s family cut the interview short. They asked the reporters to leave before telling them how he had managed to kill the monster snake, saying their relative needed his rest.

Several images were captured of the dead snake, strung out in his village, with the Metro reporting that it could be a Reticulated Python, one of the largest of the species.

Indonesian police have a different story

While Nababan is claiming to be a hero for capturing the python – and he obviously did suffer for his actions – police in Indonesia investigated the story and came up with another version. According to a local source, Coconut, the python actually got the better of the Man.

Several days later, police said they had investigated the incident and claim they have the full story.

Batang Gangsal police chief, Sutarja, said in a statement that when Nababan spotted the python – which police say was lying on the road and minding its own business – he called some of his friends to help him capture the snake. Nababan’s role was reportedly to immobilize the snake’s head.

Sutarja said that when Nababan attempted to cover the python’s head with a sack, it retaliated, biting onto his arm.

Nababan then tried to pull his arm free, but the python bit down on his arm and tried to grip him. At that point, Nababan’s friends attempted to help the stricken man and the snake eventually let go. The police chief said some of the friends took Nababan to the hospital while the others stayed on the scene, killing the snake.

Sutarja went on to say that Nababan regularly catches snakes and that the unfortunate python was then fried and eaten by the villagers. No doubt at 23ft in length, it made quite a few meals.

According to the Metro, the longest reticulated python in captivity measured 25ft 2ins and is the subject of a Guinness World Record. It turns out Nababan was lucky, indeed, as it was reported in March that an Indonesian man had been found dead inside a similarly huge python.