The Everglades Python Challenge is being run to help remove snakes that are destroying public land. It is reportedly quite the challenge too, but this week two snake wranglers managed to snag the giant python, along with the cash prize of $600. Admittedly they did say they got a few snake bites along the way.

ABC News reports that Leonardo Sanchez and Nicholas Banos were heading down a narrow, 18-mile road when they spotted half the giant snake that was coming down a steep levee. Sanchez said he had no time to look for the head, as it was buried in the brush, so he grabbed the Burmese python by the tail.

Reportedly the snake immediately took off, heading through the trees, trying its best to ditch Sanchez, but he held on tight. In the meantime Banos went for the head, which snapped at him, reportedly right in his face. Sanchez says he then jumped chest-first onto the snake, managing to grab its head and then lay on the python as it slithered along, zig-zagging through the trees.

This was one huge and heavy python

According to Fox News, it turned out the python weighed 144 pounds, which is reportedly only six pounds less than the wrangler himself weighs.

Calling the python a “pure muscle” kind of predator, Sanchez said people tend to think snakes move slowly, but he says they don’t – they run (or at least slither fast). According to Banos, he wanted to reduce the threat by shooting the snake right there, but Sanchez said no, as that would mean their defeat in the Everglades Python challenge.

He said if they had shot the snake right there, it would mean she won not them, adding that they were able to grab the snake, despite the fight it was giving them.

Heading for a world record breaking python challenge

They might not be slow, but reportedly the larger snakes normally tire quickly, but that wasn’t the case with this python.

The previous snake caught by Sanchez and Banos reportedly measured 14.5 feet and was the record at the time. According to Sanchez he now wants to snag a world record breaking python, as this would give him the rush he is looking for.