Fans of the “Harry Potterbooks and films will appreciate the experience a Family recently had while staying in a remote area of the Scottish Highlands. They were stranded after their canoe got swept away in a swollen river and called the police for help. Much to their delight, police organized for the “Hogwarts ExpressSteam Train to come and collect the stranded family.

‘Hogwarts Express’ to the rescue

As reported by the Metro, Jon and Helen Cluett were staying in a remote “bothy” (or small cottage) in Lochaber with their four children when it happened.

Waters rose and their canoe was swept away, leaving them stranded. The only way they had to get back home was to hike across boggy land back to their car – not a pleasant task with four children, aged 12, 10, eight, and six in tow – so they called the police to ask for help.

They were more than thrilled when police organized for the “Hogwarts Express” – or "The Jacobite" to give the steam train its official name – was sent out to collect them. The train is used for trips on the West Highland Railway Line and even crosses the Glenfinnan Viaduct, also well known from the “Harry Potter” films.

Water rises around their home

According to Cluett, the bothy they were staying in can be accessed via a difficult and arduous walk but is easy to reach using a canoe.

Having chosen to travel there by canoe, they moored it behind the cottage, pulled out of the water and tied up to the wall. However, the next morning their daughter found the stream was overflowing and the surrounding area was underwater. The boat had been dragged away by the flooding.

Rather than trying a three-mile hike with the children over boggy ground, or walking along the railway line nearby, Cluett said the family decided to phone the police and mountain rescue authorities for help in getting out of the now flooded area.

The police willingly obliged, by arranging for the next train running on that railway line to make an unscheduled stop. However, it wasn’t just any old train – it was the “Harry Potter” “Hogwarts Express” that travels on that particular line.

Now fully excited, the whole family packed their belongings and headed to the railway line – as they arrived, so did the train.

Cluett described the chaos as the train was almost there and they were all running with their bags and with huge smiles on the children’s faces.

As reported by the BBC, while Cluett was a little sad that his boat was lost, the children were excited by the adventure of traveling on the same train as the great Harry Potter. The “Hogwarts Express” dropped the family in Lochailot, from where Cluett was able to hitch a ride to collect his car.

He went on to say they all had a big adventure – especially the kids – and thanked everyone who had helped the family. Cluett now hopes his canoe will turn up one day, as he thinks it is probably still bobbing around somewhere in the loch close by.