Harry Potter fans rejoice, a real-life version of the Quibbler has come to be. While we have a long way to go before figures move and such technology can enter our lives, there is hope for wizard fans around the world. The Kindle in Motion’s new magical e-book will allow Hogwarts fans to get a small slice of what it would be like to have The Quibbler come to life.

The Quibbler for those muggles out there is a newspaper and magazine that print stories rejected by the mainstream press. The rejection is usually down to the nonsense of the articles.

The Quibbler was first featured by Luna Lovegood who is an avid reader; Luna is spotted reading a page that is printed deliberately upside down. Most wizards dismiss the paper as garbage.

Books come to life

Kindle announced last week that they would be releasing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone via eBook. However, the eBook has a slight twist this time around; the book will a have a moving front cover. The Pottermore site gave an insight with previewing the cover; the cover featured the Hogwarts Express covered in smoke with an owl flapping its wings. Which is truly magical fulfilling fans excitement, this is digital technology at its best.

The idea was originally announced in September 2015 for the idea of Harry Potter to be available in digital format.

Of course, the original 1997 book is still available but has now been illustrated to feature moving objects. The interactive experience will be brought to life with awe inspiring technology from Jim Kay, the illustrator for the previous books. The pages of the books are to feature Quidditch flying along with the famous golden snitch.

Illustration magic

Tom Greene, group commercial director of JK Rowling's digital company Pottermore, describes the success the eBook has already faced. “Simply put, the outcome has exceeded our expectations. Readers are going to be delighted with the experience and what we have managed to achieve. The technology is evolving all the time, so I’m excited about what we could do in the future and what it means for readers of e-books.”

This, however, isn’t the first time the fantasy books have brought a little extra magic to Potter fans.

The seven-part book series was turned into an illustrated iBook package back in 2015 via Pottermore.

The Kindle in Motion featuring the latest interactive Harry Potter books can now be viewed on compatible Fire tablets. The free Kindle app can be downloaded for IOS and Android.