Germany receives constant reminders of the last war as bombs continue to be unearthed in the country. In the largest evacuation of its kind in Germany since the end of World War Ii, almost 60,000 residents in the German city of Frankfurt have been evacuated while bomb experts work on disposing of a 4,000 lb British “blockbuster” bomb, discovered on a local construction site in the city center. Meanwhile, Koblenz is seeing around 20,000 locals evacuated while experts defuse a smaller, half-ton U.S. bomb.

Evacuations underway in Frankfurt, Germany

It was earlier reported that 70,000 residents would need to be evacuated, but recent figures are a little lower, but still form the largest evacuation yet since the end of World War II.

Saturday saw patients from hospitals in the potentially affected area safely evacuated in transport vehicles and ambulances, while on Sunday authorities began the massive task of evacuating almost 60,000 people from the area. For safety, a 0.57 square mile area of the Westend district of the city is being cleared, with authorities warning that the bomb could destroy an entire city block if it should accidentally explode. Reportedly even Germany’s central bank, with its $70 billion in gold reserves, is in the danger area.

Police and fire officials authorized to use force if necessary

Some residents may be reluctant to leave, so Deutsche Welle reports that fire officials and police will be going from door to door and if necessary are authorized to use force to remove the residents from their homes.

In the meanwhile, a temporary shelter has been set up in Frankfurt's trade fair to house affected residents.

Officials estimate that it will take around four hours to defuse the HC 4000 “blockbusterbomb, which authorities believe dates back to Allied bomb raids on Frankfurt. During the war some 1.5 million tons worth of Allied bombs were dropped on Germany, seeing cities destroyed and around 600,000 people killed.

It is estimated that around 10 percent of these bombs remain unexploded.

Evacuations are a regular event in Germany

Germany sees evacuations of this nature on an almost regular basis. Augsburg saw 54,000 people evacuated on Christmas Day last year after a British “blockbuster” bomb was uncovered. It was at that stage the largest-ever evacuation of a German city but has now been eclipsed by the latest Frankfurt bomb.

In May this year, Hanover saw 50,000 residents evacuated due to five bombs uncovered in various areas of the city, which at that stage marked the second-largest evacuation since WWII.

The video below gives more detail on the HC4000 "blockbuster" bomb and its potential dangers.

Koblenz had its own evacuation on Saturday

Meanwhile, as reported by the Hindustan Times, Koblenz also saw 20,000 people evacuated on Saturday while experts defuse a half-ton bomb of U.S. origins. That evacuation saw hospital patients, prison inmates and residents of the city moved while officials worked on defusing the bomb.