The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and Kate Middleton) are expecting their third child. The Royal family made the announcement today (Sept. 4, 2017)

Well-wishes and congratulatory messages soon flooded the Internet. But the news was not 100 percent pleasant, as the palace also announced that the Duchess of Cambridge is suffering from a condition and that she will have to refrain from carrying out royal duties for the time being.

Royal pregnancy announcement

The Kensington Palace released an official press release on Monday (Sept. 4, 2017).

According to the press release, the duchess is currently suffering from “hyperemesis gravidarum” or a condition where the mother suffers from severe morning sickness. It is the same condition she’s had in her first two pregnancies.

Along with the announcement, the palace said that the Duchess of Cambridge would refrain from performing her royal duties for the time being due to the pregnancy. Last Monday, her engagement at the Hornsey Road Children's Center was canceled. Kate is now being cared for at the Kensington Palace.

Prince and Princess

Being the wife of England’s future king, all of Kate is living her life under public scrutiny. The couple already has two children – Prince George (age 4) and Princess Charlotte (age 2).

Based on succession rules, Prince George is the third in line to the throne followed by Princess Charlotte. Their Uncle Prince Harry is now the 5th in line. With the third child on the way, Prince Harry will be bumped into the 6th place in line to the throne. Some royal observers even noted that it is now impossible for Prince Harry to become king.

But Prince Harry seems unaffected by the growing numbers of prince and princesses overtaking him in the line to the throne. He confessed that he is the “fun” uncle to his nephew and niece and that he will try his best to carry out his responsibilities. Prince Harry is yet to comment on the announcement personally, but based on the press release, Queen Elizabeth, and the Middleton family are “delighted” with the pregnancy.

Prime Minister Theresa May already congratulated the couple in a Tweet.

Many people were also delighted with the news. The announcement also uplifted the mood in the whole of England who just recently revisited the death of Princess Diana on its the 20th anniversary. Currently, the hashtag “Royal Baby” is trending on the Internet with most royal watchers already guessing the gender of Prince William and Kate’s third baby.