The 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit central Mexico, which is an area prone to earthquakes. According to the US Geological Survey, the epicenter of the latest quake was near Atencingo in Puebla state. The prolonged tremor hit at 13:14 local time (18:14 GMT). It had a depth of about 51 km and according to a civil protection agency spokesman, more than 200 people have been reported dead. 55 of these people are from Morelos state, 32 reported killed in Puebla state, 49 from Mexico City and 10 in Mexico State.

What is the aftermath of the earthquake?

The biggest loss is the casualties that came after the earthquake hit.

Aside from the death toll, buildings are severely damaged with one reportedly being a school. Among the affected buildings are flats, supermarkets, and a factory. According to BBC news, a rescue operation is underway to save survivors from the collapsed school building. Also, Mexico City Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera said that rescue operations have been mobilized in 44 locations.

Phone lines and electricity are down leaving 2 million people from Mexico City in the dark. The earthquake happened during an earthquake drill. This drill was done exactly 32 years after an earthquake killed thousands. Correspondents said that alarms did sound, however, some residents thought they were part of the day drill.

Officials urge the public to stay vigilant and avoid using lighters and mobile phones because of a suspected gas leak.

How is everyone reacting?

For the affected people in Mexico City, panic is rising and people are saddened by all the lives lost because of the earthquake. For the heavily affected areas, people are working together to find survivors trapped in the rubble.

Also, Alfredo del Mazo Maza, governor of the State of Mexico, ordered public transport services to operate for free to let people who were affected travel back home.

Foreign leaders sent messages of support for Mexico in these trying times. US president Donald Trump tweeted his support for Mexico and said that America will be with them.

Prime minister Justin Trudeau also tweeted his support for Mexico saying that Canada will be ready to help their friends.

Volunteers and rescue workers are also providing support to the affected people in any way they can. They are desperately searching for survivors using shovels and even their bare hands to remove the rubble from collapsed buildings.