As tensions between Donald Trump's administration and North Korea continue to rise, the Rodong Sinmum, an official mouthpiece of President Kim Jong-un's government, has warned that the American mainland could be reduced to ashes at any moment.

The US will pay dearly for its aggression

The North Korean newspaper warned that the reckless and hysterical behavior exhibited by United States President Donald Trump would be to blame should Kim's government decide to attack the US. The newspaper said that Trump's administration had been hit by terror and anxiety after North Korea successfully tested a long-range missile.

According to the paper, use military warmongers are running scared by Pyongyang's growing military might.

The newspaper went on to say that North Korea was fastidious in its efforts to end hostile moves by the United States. The media organization vowed that Kim Jong-un's communist state would emerge the final winner in the stand-off between it and the imperialist United States.

According to news outlet KCNAWatch, the North Korean state media gave the ominous warning that the United States and its allies would be made to pay dearly for their harsh sanctions, pressure, and irresponsible military provocations against Pyongyang.

North Korea's latest threats come after days of growing tensions between Donald Trump's US administration and President Kim Jong-un's reclusive state.

The tensions began after North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), and Trump promised to inflict 'fire and fury' in response.

Planned missile launch on Guam

After Trump's boisterous threats, the North Korean government responded by declaring that it was formulating plans to fire four missiles. Pyongyang plans to fire the missiles close to Guam, the American Pacific territory that is under the jurisdiction of the United States.

With the rhetoric between the two nuclear-powers not seemingly coming to an end, the United States increased joint military drills with its allies Japan and South Korea. The US also flew warplanes over the Korean Peninsula.

Despite heavy criticism that his threats had fueled tensions between the United States and North Korea, President Trump refused to back down, saying that maybe his previous warnings maybe hadn't been tough enough.

Trump stated that North Korea should be anxious, adding that Kim Jong-un's administration had been posturing against the US for a long time. According to Trump, it's time that someone stood up for the American citizens, and for the people of other countries.