North Korea’s preparation for their expected open fire at Guam is at its peak as they wait for the United States further actions before they start making a move.

The opposing sides, the U.S. and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), have been trading threats and frank statements regarding the present issue. Although divided and separated, The President of South, Moon Jae-In insisted that both parties shouldn’t start military actions yet with the South’s consent.

North Korea’s statement

The state news agency, KCNA stated that Kim Jong-un was already looking for this supposed military actions for a long time already together with his military officials.

North Korea’s Commander of Strategic Forces was said to be waiting for further orders and instructions from the President, Kim Jong-un.

BBC’s Seoul correspondent, Yogita Limaye says that the latest commentary talks about options and ways to lessen the tension and to even prevent future military actions. In addition, according to BBC’s Seoul respondent, Kim Jong-un is considering on stopping these military advances towards the U.S. and possibly ending all these disputes although, these statements are still unsure because of DPRK’s tight information security.

South Korea, together with China, North Korea’s ally, is pursuing DPRK to put all of these things to a halt as it can also affect those countries surrounding the North.

United States’ place in this tension

North Korea has been known to be an avid tester of nuclear energies. Just this July, the North has launched two ICBMs or intercontinental ballistic missiles that are rumored to possess an ability to strike the U.S.

Along these two tests’; the North has also conducted other 5 nuclear tests in the past which grabbed the attention of different authorities including UN.

To counter this unwanted nuclear advances, the UN decided to penalize North Korea by cutting its export revenue by a third. This action angered the state calling it unfair and a “violent violation of sovereignty.”

Pyongyang pointed the U.S. is at fault and promised that they would take full responsibility of the state's’ punishment issued by U.N.

Just last week, different media outlets reported that the North Korea has successfully created warheads that can be combined with their ballistic missiles. We can safely say that DPRK is slowly becoming a nuclear-armed state.

President Donald Trump told Pyongyang to stop threatening the U.S. because its nuclear arsenal is stronger than it is before. Trump also promised protection to those threatened territories such as Guam and other neighboring islands.