The glorious and most famous palace in the world is opening its doors to the public this summer. If anyone is choosing to take a break to London, then this is a must do, for just ten weeks Buckingham Palace will open their State Rooms.

Buckingham Palace is used for by the Queen to carry out official and ceremonial duties, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh live on the North side of the palace. The ground floor and south wing are mainly occupied by staff, with over 240 people working in the palace, making it the most active palace still in use today.

The term ‘State Room’ comes from the rooms that are designed as public rooms within the palace. The rooms are used to reward, entertain subjects and visitors. They are used by the queen and family members to host guests of state and official occasions.

The State Rooms

The tour consists of visiting 16 rooms that are still in use today, visit the throne room which has been used recently for royal family photo shoots. This particular room was set up for the formal photographs for the wedding of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Upon arrival of the tour an interactive guide is given for you to have plenty of information, the device comes complete with headphones. Each room has a mini introduction about the room, some introductions are from the household staff and even Prince Charles himself.

Of all the rooms on the tour, The White Drawing Room serves as a royal reception for The Queen and family members to gather before official occasions begin.This year marking 20 years since the death of Princess Diana the palace has displayed an exhibit showcasing her remarkable achievements. The display also consists of some of her personal items laid out in her office style, the personal items were provided by her sons William and Harry.

Her writing desk is set up alongside photos of the boys, personalized letters, suitcases and stationary.

Royal Stamp Of Approval

The tour ends in the famous acres of gardens which are home to garden parties each summer. Take rest in the palace café where you can dine like a queen with an afternoon tea. Of course, no tour is complete without a gift shop.

This is every royalist’s dream anything you can think of is embedded in the royal stamp from house hold, Christmas decorations, and even dog accessories.

This is a must do for any fans of the royal family, it truly gives you a very rare insight into how they live their life. Being able to say you've walked inside Buckingham Palace instead of being out front taking photos is pretty impressive. The tour runs from July till the start of October, tickets are best being purchased in advance to save disappointment.