Charlie Hebdo is well known for its shocking covers and headlines. However, this time, the French satirical magazine may have taken things too far. Their latest cover shows a bunch of Nazi flags in the water, along with hands sticking out of the flood waters giving the Nazi salute. The headline goes on to say that "God exists" and that he had drowned all the “Neo-Nazis of Texas.”

Donald Trump and Texas may be the reason for the controversial cover

The New York Daily News theorizes that the reason for the cover may be related to the fact that President Donald Trump won Texas in the presidential election last year.

This is especially relevant after Trump has also faced widespread criticism over his attitude toward white supremacists and Neo-Nazis following the violence in Charlottesville, Va., where he blamed both sides.

However, with its latest edition, Charlie Hebdo has directly mocked the victims in Texas, making it seem that as neo-Nazis they deserved the terrible destruction and loss that has occurred.

Shootings at Charlie Hebdo in January 2015

The satirical magazine has run into trouble in the past over its provocative covers depicting religious figures and world leaders in uncomfortable and controversial situations. Charlie Hebdo’s caricature of the Prophet Mohammed and insults to Islam led to gunmen attacking their Paris offices in January 2015, with twelve members of the staff killed in the attack.

After it happened, the satirical magazine received worldwide support for their loss, but this might soon change, especially for those in the U.S.A.

One Twitter user, U.S. Navy veteran Ken Nichols, headed to Twitter to respond to a tweet about the magazine cover, saying this makes him regret the fact that he supported Charlie Hebdo after the deadly attack.

He went on to say this is a "bald-face lie," and shamed them for their actions.

Tiana Lowe, a writer for National Review, also went on Twitter to call the cover “despicable” and “evil,” while standing up for free speech, saying the losers at the satirical magazine have the right to publish this, adding that “no one has the right to shoot them.”

Newsweek pointed out that in last week’s issue, Charlie Hebdo published a cover related to the brutal van attack in Barcelona, Spain.

That cover reportedly showed two people lying dead in the street, surrounded by blood, captioned with the words “Islam: religion of peace.”

Misery and suffering in Texas after Hurricane Harvey

Meanwhile, the truth of the current situation in Texas is that tens of thousands of people have lost their homes, while entire cities remain flooded with water and the rain keeps falling. At least 38 people have died since Hurricane Harvey made landfall in the state with young children among the victims.