A Springfield, Mass. police officer could be facing problems with his job after making an insensitive comment on social media relating to Heather Heyer’s death during a counter-protest to the white supremacist demonstration in Charlottesville, Va. His comment included the words “Hahahaha love this” as he went on to talk about people blocking the road.

Springfield cop apologizes for his comment

According to MassLive, Conrad Lariviere of the Springfield Police has since apologized for what he dubbed a “stupid comment” relating to people blocking the streets.

Social media users had followed up his comment by pointing out that one person had died and 19 more had been injured, with many accusing him of being neo-Nazi. Others accused the cop of standing with the driver of the vehicle, James Fields Jr., rather than with the victims of the attack. While the original post, with the comments, has since been deleted, plenty of social media users had made screenshots, which are being shared online. Of interest to note, a quick search on Facebook for "Conrad Lariviere" came up empty today, so he may have deleted his account.

Lariviere reportedly went on to tell the reporter that he would never want someone to be murdered.

He said he is not racist and doesn’t believe in what the protesters are doing, adding that he is a good man who happened to make a stupid comment. Lariviere closed the conversation by saying he would like to be left alone.

However many on social media are saying his apology was too little, too late, as Twitter comes alive with criticism against Lariviere.

Investigation launched by Springfield Police

On top of that, the officer’s job could now be at risk. Springfield Police Commissioner John Barbieri has confirmed to MassLive that an investigation into the online incident has since been launched.

Barbieri said he had been notified about the Facebook comment by email and that the post was allegedly from a Springfield Police officer. This led to him taking immediate steps to open a thorough internal investigation. Barbieri went on to add that should the post have originated from one of their officers, the incident would then be reviewed by the Community Police Hearings Board.

Springfield Mayor shocked by the incident

As reported by ABC News, Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno was also shocked by the comments, saying he had just issued a statement about the tragic incidents in Charlottesville, Vi., when he finds one of their officers had done this.

Sarno said there was no place for behavior like this in society, especially from a Springfield Police officer. He added that he commends and stands by Barbieri’s steps in launching a thorough investigation into the incident.

Meanwhile, John Fields, Jr., who drove his car into the crowds in the counter-protest in Charlottesville, Vi., is facing second-degree murder and other charges relating to the incident.