Donald Trump, the President of the United States was in Paris for bilateral discussions with French President emmanuel macron and stayed on to attend the Bastille Day program in France. It will also commemorate the bond that exists between America and France because it will be a landmark occasion since it marks 100 years of their relationship when the two countries joined forces during World War One.

The Bastille Day program

Sky News reports that there will be a march-past of American and French soldiers and President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron will be present to watch it.

The soldiers will march as one through the city to celebrate a century of being together ever since the United States joined World War One. A combined fly-past is also on the cards in which fighter jets will be seen in action. That will symbolize the close bonds that France and America have in the field of military co-operation. The parade will mark the end of the visit that is expected to boost the image and of France on the global platform.

The Bastille Day event last year has left behind painful memories. On that day there was a terror attack by Islamist militants in Nice and 86 innocent people were killed when a truck drove into the revelers. The dead included children who had come to enjoy and lost their lives to terrorism.

Instead of joy and happiness there was sorrow and death all around. The driver of the truck was a Tunisian and he was shot dead by police while weapons and ammunition were recovered from the truck.

The Paris accord on climate change

The United States has withdrawn from the Paris accord on climate change and the decision has been criticized at all levels.

It was a sticky subject and, in the course of a joint news conference, Donald Trump dropped a hint that his decision to pull America out of the Paris climate accord could be changed. He must have had second thoughts on the issue and is probably considering how best to circumvent the situation that has isolated America on the subject of climate change.

President Trump has also added that the friendship between the two nations is a strong one and unbreakable and that there could be differences but there are many aspects of life that help to strengthen the mutual bonds of friendship. He heaped criticism on the handling of terrorism by the past leadership of France and expressed hopes that President Emmanuel Macron would take necessary action against terrorism and all those who resort to such activities and break the law.

After the Bastille Day parade in Paris, the French President is scheduled to proceed to the city of Nice to attend an event in memory of those who lost their lives in the terror attack.