The Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 plane went missing last March 8, 2014. Until today, no one knows for sure what happened and where the remnants of the crash are located. But during the search, the team discovered a hidden under-the-sea world during the search for the Missing Plane and its passengers.

Mysterious underwater world

According to AFP, the meticulous search for the missing plane led to the discovery of hidden and previously unknown territory. The hidden underwater world has its own deep valleys, volcanoes and ridges based on a recent map released by the Australian government.

The search was focused on the Indian ocean after experts determined the potential crash site based on the last known location of the plane. The missing plane had launched one of the most expensive search operations in the world focused mainly on the southern region of the Indian Ocean. To properly search the area, new technologies were used to capture the most detailed map of the sea bed.

Detailed map of the Indian Ocean

Experts are expecting the newly released data to aid in the search for the wreckage. Stuart Minchin of Geoscience Australia said that almost 10 to 15 percent of the world's oceans had been successfully surveyed while searching for the missing flight MH370. This makes the region the most well-studied and "thoroughly mapped" region of the ocean in the whole planet.

The data is unique because it offers a new and in-depth understanding of the Indian Ocean. This will help experts understand the different regions and oceans around the world. The data will also be vital in the future marine research.

Earlier this year, Malaysia, China and Australia have suspended the search that spanned for years.

Flight MH370 using a Boeing 777 plane was carrying 290 people. Three years after, there is still no wreckage or potential crash site identified. The surveyed area covered 120,000 square kilometers (46, 000 square mile), an area that's almost the same size as England, only slightly smaller.


Aside from the underwater world of unknown volcanoes and ridges, the search also led to the discovery of two shipwrecks in the area.

According to the Australian government, another set of data from the search will be released to the public in mid-2018.

But the suspended search does not mean that the government is giving up on MH370. In fact, Australia's transport minister Darren Chester said that they remain hopeful that the data to be released next year may lead them to the crash site. The authorities still believe that they will be able to locate the plane. This is based on a report by CSIRO, which stated that the crash site could be north of the former search area. If this is true, then everyone is looking at the wrong place. Recently, some pieces from the plane have already washed ashore, but authorities still cannot locate their origin.