World-renowned fashion designer Alexander Mcqueen even got more global attention when he designed Kate Middleton’s wedding dress around six years ago. McQueen is truly the Duchess of Cambridge’s all-time favorite designer.

Kate Middleton is once again spotted wearing McQueen during a commemoration event held at the Menin Gate monument in Ypres, E! News Online reported. It was not just a McQueen designed dress, but she has reportedly worn the same clothing twice.

Kate Middleton is royalty indeed but she is certainly looking regal in the same outfit twice.

The mother of two owns one of the most sought-after wardrobes in the world, so there is no doubt that the 35-year-old would choose to rewear one of her iconic pieces for the second time again, E! News Online stated in the report.

Worn the second time

According to the article, the duchess wore a white coat dress at the centennial anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele held in Belgium. She was with her husband, William who reportedly wore an elegant blue suit with blue and red tie.

The white coat Alexander McQueen dress is exactly the same dress Kate Middleton wore during the christening of her daughter Princess Charlotte back in 2015, the report added.

Though the dress was exactly the same make, Kate Middleton added a “poppy broach” and changed into a new fascinator, decorated with a statement purse and “grey pumps.”

Smooth, meanwhile reported that the hat came from Lock and Co.

Kate Middleton entered the event grounds with her husband, Prince William. Social media was abuzz of this look.

Commemoration event


News Online said that the event William and Kate attended was to recount the memories of the three-month conflict and war in 1917. The conflict reportedly caused half a million casualties, with around 200,000 to 400,000 Germans, over 300,000 Allied fighters killed in the Belgian battle.

"Members of our families; our regiments; our nations; all sacrificed everything for the lives we live today.

During the First World War Britain and Belgium stood shoulder to shoulder. One hundred years on, we still stand together, gathering as so many do every night, in remembrance of that sacrifice," the report quoted Prince William saying in his speech during the event.

Kate Middleton has worn several Alexander McQueen pieces in various events before. The most iconic one was during her walk down the aisle to meet her husband, Prince William.