A former head of the MI6 has warned that United States President Donald Trump is the greatest threat to world peace today. According to Sir John Sawyers, the divisive politics and tactics being employed by President Trump could lead to major upheavals in the globe.

Divisive policies

Sir John was attending the annual Herzliya conference in Israel. The conference brought together top experts from politics, military, and intelligence to deliberate on the biggest threats to international security. Some participants felt that the Islamic State group is currently the greatest danger facing the world, while others pointed the finger at North Korea and its growing nuclear capabilities.

Others - perhaps in silent support to the conference's host, Israel - said that Iran, the Hezbollah, and Shia militias based in Lebanon, are a threat to the stability of the world.

Sir John, however, proclaimed that he harbors reservations about United States President Donald Trump. He added that, at the moment, the biggest threat to the world is that nations have to adjust to the withdrawal of leadership that the United States used to offer in the past. According to the former Secret Intelligence Service chief, the network of alliances that the United States used to maintain with Europe and Asia could also be threatened by Trump's presidency.

Sir John conceded that Donald Trump's ascendancy to power is evidence of the growing isolationist mood in the United States.

The feeling has been made worse by military setbacks in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Sir John said that growing populist sentiments in the United States and the subsequent rise of Donald Trump to power had a significant impact on the world's security, with some rogue countries trying to take advantage of it.

During a recent visit to Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump accused Iran of funding and sheltering terrorism.

Trump later visited Israel, where he called for Saudi Arabia and other Sunni nations to unite against Shia Iran. However, Sir John scoffed at the idea, pointing out that Iran is on course to become the most powerful country in the region, surpassing even Saudi Arabia. Sir John, who also had a stint as the UK's ambassador to the UN, said that the United States and its Western allies need to be careful about joining forces with Saudi Arabia, which is dogged by human rights issues against Iran.

On the issue of Britain voting to exit the European Union, Sir John said that the country could stand to lose, as it could no longer have the clout to shape issues.