US President Trump, on the second day of his visit, was captured on camera quoting about Brigitte Macron's body. The event between Mr Trump and Mrs Macron got recorded on the camera. The footage reveals the presence of Melania Trump during the conversation between her husband and Macron's wife.

The American President gestured towards Brigitte Macron seemingly praising her good body shape before turning to the French President for approval. The video also shows President Trump quoting to Mr Macron about her wife treating him well. In a different picture captured earlier, Mr Trump and Mr Macron appeared tensed with US President explaining something to his French counterpart.

The pictures clearly captivated the emotions of Mr Macron that showed him unimpressed and cold. In front of the camera, both the leaders were fully clad with smiles.

Another picture showed Mr Trump holding Brigitte Macron's hand in a fierce conversation that points to a different tale. The picture was taken when the US President and first lady reached Hotel des Invalides.

Donald Trump's past issues with women

Recently in his Oval office, American leader was seen interrupting a phone conversation with Leo Vafadar, the newly elected head of the Ireland's government. Trump interrupted the important call just to compliment an Irish reporter about her nice smile.

Mr Trump also defended his son Donald Trump Jr. over his meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya.

He took Twitter to support him calling the US investigation of Russian involvement in US presidential race "witch hunt."

Last year, Donald Trump, during the Presidential elections faced severe criticism from media and was also called to withdraw from the run due to his weird remarks on women.

About the US President's France visit

The United States leader, along with her wife Melania Trump is on a two-day visit to the beautiful French city Paris. The meeting's main objective is to build stronger relationships amidst both countries after America's decision to pull out from the United Nations Framework Convention Climate Change (UNFCCC), Paris Climate Agreement.

The visit mainly focuses on strengthening the diplomatic relationships and building profound associations in the area of trade. The meeting between French Head Emanuel Macron and US President Donald Trump also aims to develop strategies on how both the countries can work in coalition to fight against the greatest threat of the world, terrorism.