People became familiar with Susan Boyle when she first rose to fame in 2009 on "Britain’s Got Talent" when she sang “I Dreamed A Dream" from " Les Miserables" on the third season of the show. She finished in second place. From her earnings, she purchased her family home in 2010. However, she is not a peace because she is being bullied and attacked where she lives in Blackburn, West Lothian, Scotland.

Singer attacked

The 56-year-old British singer is back in the news after she was reportedly harassed by teenagers, according to Fox News on Monday, June 26, 2017.

Boyle's rep says her team is seeking police protection.

Boyle, who was diagnosed in 2012 with Asperger syndrome, allegedly was bullied and attacked by a group of about 15 teens, mostly boys. They reportedly called her demeaning names, said negative things to her, threw burning paper in her face and threatened her with violence, according to The Mirror. While she was out and about, the group blocked the entrance way of a store and temporarily prevented her from leaving. Witnesses say Boyle escaped and hid on a bus, and the teens threw stones at the vehicle because she was on it.

Not the first time

The attacks have been ongoing, but the singer has kept quiet about them. This most recent incident happened in front of so many witnesses that it wasn't swept under the rug as before.

It was discovered that the harassment has been going on for months. Boyle said she was hoping the teens would stop their bad behavior on their own. However, that has not happened. In fact, their bullying has gotten worse.

Help is on the way

It has been reported that family members, neighbors, and local police are trying to decide how to stop the attacks on Boyle.

The singer is hoping this problem can be solved without her having to get a security system. She admitted that she feels trapped in her own home with a security system. Besides, the last attack was in the open in a public place when she was surrounded by many people. Therefore, a security system might not be the answer.

About Susan Boyle

When Susan Boyle appeared on "Britain's Got Talent' on April 11, 2009, the judges were Piers Morgan, Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell who doubted she could sing until she proved them wrong. It is ironic that Boyle's net worth of $33 million today is more than two of those judges.

After Boyle's exposure on the reality show, she went on to appear on other television shows and shared her singing gift with the world. She sang for Queen Elizabeth during her Diamond Jubilee Pageant.

It has been a long time since Boyle has made a public appearance. She is scheduled to perform at Glamis Prom 2017 on July 15 in Angus, Scotland along with Christina Bianco, Lee Mead, Soul Nation, and The Scottish Pops Orchestra.