Former FBI boss James Comey has not had it easy since United States President Donald Trump fired him.

Trump fired Comey in the wake of claims that the bureau was probing possible Russian meddling in last year's presidential election.

Safe Haven

But now, Comey has a new friend; Russian President Vladimir Putin could be willing to provide asylum to the embattled former chief spy.Speaking during a live call-in show that was broadcast by state media, President Putin compared Comey to whistleblower Edward Snowden, comparing Comey's leak of information to journalists to activism.

Putin said that Comey should be aware that if he were to prosecuted for his role in the leaking of classified data to the media, Russia would gladly offer him asylum.

The United States is not an enemy

Speaking on Thursday during the show, Putin also said that Russians do not see The United States as an enemy. The Russian statesman added that sanctions imposed by Washington only serve to make Russia stronger.

Putin also said that many Russians admire the achievements of the United States. He blamed Western media for creating hysteria between Russia and the United States, while also saying that huge political divisions in Washington have affected bilateral relations.

United States influence

Putin then went on to accuse the United States of always trying to exert influence on other nations by employing NGO's and other methods.

Putin said that he knows about the American activities from talks with other heads of state. He stated that no one talks directly about the issue because they do not want to quarrel with the United States.

The importance of cooperation

Putin stated that cooperation between Russia and the United States is paramount when dealing with pressing issues such as poverty, the world environment, and nuclear armaments.

Pointing to the Iran nuclear accord, Putin said that it was an indication that world powers can negotiate and work together.

Internal strife in RussiaOn Monday, thousands of people turned up for anti-corruption demonstrations in Moscow and other Russian cities. Presidential hopeful Alexei Navalny was arrested by police before the Moscow demo kicked off.

Putin said that he has no problems with protests, as long their intention is to solve a problem, not promoting politicians.


The United States Senate gave overwhelming support Wednesday to expand sanctions on Russia for meddling in the US elections.

Responding to the developments, Putin said that the drop in the price of commodities, not sanctions, has strained the Russian economy. Putin said that the sanctions had been a boon since Russia was obliged to come up with innovations and improve production.