Prince Harry suggested that none of the heirs of the British throne want to become King Or Queen, in an interview with Newsweek. The first in line to the British throne is his 69-year-old father, the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, the Prince of Wales Charles. He is followed by his eldest son William and his children - Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The younger brother of William Harry is the fifth in line.

Royal family wants benefits for ordinary people

Prince Harry also noted that, regardless of the fact they might not want to become monarchs, all the members of the royal family are ready to perform their duties.

, if necessary. In addition, he said that, along with his older brother, Prince William, he is trying to modernize the British monarchy in order to achieve "greater benefits for the people."

In another interview, Prince Harry mentioned how long and hard for him it was to overcome the death of his mother, Princess Diana, who died as a result of a car crash in 1997. In particular, he had been "scarred" by the experience of having to follow his mother's coffin at such a young age.

Modern princesses and princes lead ordinary lives

According to the Prince, he lives an ordinary life due to the education and upbringing of Princess Diana, who often took him his brother out, so they could see how the poor and homeless people struggled with life.

Harry is very glad that he is not completely divorced from reality. He supposed that people would be surprised to find out what kind of ordinary life they are living. He added that he and William even go shopping themselves, and sometimes when he goes for meat at the nearest supermarket.

The Prince noted that if he is lucky enough to have children, they too should be able to live normal lives.

Moreover, even if he became king, he would go shopping himself, the Telegraph reported.

When asked whether it would make the royal family too accessible, Prince said that it was not easy to find a balance there. He explained that the royal family does not want to lose the feeling of magic. He believes that the British public and the whole world need institutions like the British monarchy.

Previously, Harry admitted that after the death of his mother in 1997 in a car crash, he experienced a very difficult period psychologically. On 21 June 2017, theTelegraph, mentioned " (he) has previously spoken extensively about his struggle to come to terms with his mother's death," and that he " had buried his emotions for 20 years."