Being on a magazine cover adds to a national leader’s international standing, which is likely the reason why U.S. President Donald Trump has a fake cover of Time Magazine on four of his 17 golf courses. On the same day, Time asked Trump to stop using the fake magazine cover, Canadian Prime Minister justin trudeau was featured on the cover of the in-flight magazine of Delta Airlines.

Although there is an ongoing campaign to stop manspreading in public transportation, the 45-year-old Canadian politician is seen straddled on a backward chair while a Canadian flag serves as the backdrop.

The cover photo, done to celebrate the 150th birthday of Canada, made people who saw the Sky Magazine forget Trudeau is a prime minister.

International sex symbol

Rather, the 23rd and current prime minister of Canada is seen more of an international sex symbol. Foreign media initially noticed the handsome and young PM in 2016 when he and Mexican President Juan Nieto stood out at the ASEAN Summit in Manila.

Time noted that the Internet was less captivated by the Canadian history than with the man on the cover who is a stark contrast physically to the orange-haired American president or the bald former KGB spy. Trudeau is miles apart not only in the looks department but also on the likability scale as he embraces issues that Trump hate such as Muslims or Putin despises like members of the LGBT community.

Comparisons made

Time reported comparisons were made of Trudeau’s casual look, ranging from that of a cool substitute teacher to how Michelle Pfeiffer looked in “Dangerous Minds” and Coolio in “Gangsta Paradise” music video. Others noticed the PM’s quirky Socks that present a message of peace and unity. His socks, meanwhile, at the Toronto Pride parade were multi colored that carried a more subtle political message.

According to the Toronto Star, it reads “Eid Mubarak” which honors the religious holiday on Monday, June 26 that marked the end of the Islamic month of fasting, the Ramadan. The New York Times described it as Trudeau’s sock diplomacy which is a new tactic in the political playbook. Significantly, the $14.99 pair of colored socks he wore that day was made by a company based in Toronto named Halal Socks.

The Pride march and Ramadan, for 2017, fell on the same day. Although Trudeau is now halfway through his term and logged a slip in his approval rating, in comparison to other world leaders, his numbers are still quite high, definitely better than Trump and Putin.