"Analemma Tower" could be the first Skyscraper building to be built on an asteroid placed in Earth's orbit. The residents and the visitors will be able to admire stunning images from our planet while traveling through Space at a speed of nearly 480 kilometers per hour, according to CNN.

Skyscraper placed in the air

The representatives of Clouds Architecture Office presented their plans for a futuristic skyscraper called "Analemma Tower". The building will be above the ground and it will be attached to an asteroid, in space, on Earth's orbit. For this reason, the residents of "Analemma Tower" will live on any location on Earth.

The tower will be suspended to an asteroid by some extremely resistant cables. The tower will always move, so the residents and visitors will travel daily between the northern and southern hemisphere. The discoveries in space technology could transform this visionary project into a reality.

The water for the tower's inhabitants will be captured from the clouds and from the rainwater and it will be maintained in a semi-closed recycling system. The top of the tower will be placed at an altitude of 32,000 meters above Earth. The experts say the entire structure will travel across the sky at a speed of 480 kilometers per hour.

How can you reach to this tower?

The design of the project has to answer a number of serious questions, such as "What do I do when I want to have a life on the ground?".

The creators of this project say people who ask this kind of questions are probably not prepared to live in an enormous tower on an asteroid.

Ostap Rudakevych, an architect and founding partner at Clouds Architecture Office, says he wants to build large-sized drones for the transport of the passengers. These drones will allow people to commute between the tower and the earth.

Also, a revolutionary magnetic elevator that will bring visitors into the "Analemma Tower" time will be built. The tower could be built in Dubai, which has a long history of high buildings and skyscrapers built at lower costs than in the United States.

When invited to speak about the source of inspiration for this project, Ostap Rudakevych said that since people have left the caves, the buildings have become taller and lighter.

Rudakevych believes that one day the buildings will be freed from the foundations which are keeping them attached to the earth, so they will be safe from floods, earthquakes, and tsunamis. The architect said "Analemma Tower" is a speculative idea that shows how this could be accomplished at some point in the future.