Microsoft revealed new technological innovations that aim to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) in everyday life, by using "cloud" resources, according to the Daily Mail UK.

Harry Shum, the vice president of Microsoft said the company wants to introduce Artificial Intelligence into all of the products and services they offer. Shum made this statement at a group conference of developers in Seattle. He said the company has been preparing for the current wave of innovations in this area for more than 20 years.

The most visible areas that could benefit from this kind of technology are machine learning, voice recognition, and the means to allow robots to identify what they see.

Other major IT companies with big plans for artificial intelligence

Microsoft is not the only company which is currently trying to make progress in this area. Other IT giants like Apple, Google and IBM are also working to implement Artificial Intelligence in everyday life. Amazon has just released a touch screen version of Alexa's voice assistant. Harman-Kardon — a company which belongs to the South Korean Samsung group — announced they will start to market Invoke, a device that uses Microsoft's Cortana Voice Assistant and it integrates the Skype video communication program.

The goal of these companies is to bring Artificial Intelligence into everyday life and to use it to improve the exchanges between users and voice assistants from smartphones and other tablets.

The goal of the conference in Seattle is to improve the exchange of opinions between Microsoft and the developers. The developers are students developing an application or teams of professional engineers.

Artificial intelligence could help businesses and software developers

Patrick Moorhead, an analyst at Moor Insights and Strategy, said Microsoft is trying to use the AI to help businesses solve their problems and developers improve their applications.

Moorhead said this is something different from Amazon, Facebook, and Google which are trying to gather personal information using AI so they can sell users different things and send them ads.

He points out that Microsoft allows developers to modify gesture commands, voice programs recognition and other features instead of forcing them to match these functions to a common model for all applications.

Worries about the dangers of Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft's chief executive Satya Nadella — who opened the conference in Seattle — highlighted the necessity to build trust in technology. Nadella said the new applications must avoid the dystopian futures some people are afraid of.