North Korea has hurled accusations on the United States and South Korea for hatching plans to assassinate the country's leader Kim Jong Un during public ceremonial events in Pyongyang. The North Korean Ministry has said that the plot hatched by CIA involves the use of biochemical substances whose effects are not visible immediately but is revealed over a period.

North Korea describes the CIA plan

According to New Zealand Herald, the assassination plan is hatched by the CIA and Seoul's Intelligence Services (IS). It seems they have successfully bribed a DPRK citizen to carry out the exercise and have compensated him with a large sum of money apart from giving him a satellite transmitter-receiver to maintain contact.

The man entrusted with the responsibility of assassinating Kim Jong Un is believed to be corrupt and used to be employed as a lumberjack in Russia.

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) went on to add that the attempts were programmed to be carried out when the leader would go to attend some official program. The objective would be achieved by using biochemical substances or something similar that can target the victim from a distance. The effects of the chemical bomb would be visible only after a lapse of time, say six or twelve months.

The North Korean Ministry has indicated that it would not remain a silent spectator to such happenings but would retaliate and launch an "anti-terrorist" attack against the United States and South Korea.

Their anti-terrorist attack would be a Korean-style one and would be targeted to eliminate the opposition and put their plans to naught.

What prompted the sudden outburst?

The sudden accusation by North Korea of the so-called CIA plan to assassinate Kim Jong Un has probably stemmed from the fresh sanctions imposed on it by the United States.

These sanctions target its shipping industry, and the use of slave labor and both of these are revenue earners. Obviously, that will hurt where it matters

The verbal duel that was going on has now taken the shape of direct threats of war, and Pyongyang has added that the alleged plot to eliminate Kim Jong Un has been nipped in the bud but does not clarify on how that was accomplished or the fate of the culprit.

One can conclude that Pyongyang is restless and is trying to divert attention by drawing a red herring across its path.

The country has complete control over its people, and open dissent against the regime is unthinkable. Therefore, there is more to this accusation than meets the eye. Interestingly, there are fears that Kim has plans to attack the South because he had recently inspected an artillery unit that had bombarded South in the clash of 2010 when Yeonpyeong Island was the target.