Buckingham Palace reported yesterday that Prince Philip, 95, will step down from his royal duties during autumn and will no longer be involved in public engagements. However, his wife, 91-year-old Queen Elizabeth II, will carry on as usual.

Worldwide concern was shown on Wednesday with the news that members of the royal staff were to attend a meeting in London on Thursday. People were worried about the health of Queen Elizabeth II and her husband. Many television news crews were reportedly jostling for attention outside Buckingham Palace early this morning.

General concern over the health of the royal couple

Concern arose due to the fact that Prince Philip was unwell over the Christmas holidays and the couple missed church services on both Christmas and New Year’s Day due to his “persistent cold.” However both Prince Phillip and the Queen were out and about on Wednesday, with her majesty attending a meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May and Prince Phillip cutting a ribbon at the opening of a new seating stand at a cricket ground.

Duke of Edinburgh to cease public engagements in the autumn

The statement released by Buckingham Palace on Thursday explained that The Duke of Edinburgh has decided from the autumn of this year to no longer carry out public engagements.

The statement added that The Duke has the full support of Queen Elizabeth II. There are various prearranged engagements that Prince Philip will attend up until August, but he will then be retreating from the public view, except for the occasional public event. However, the statement added that the Queen will continue with a full program of official engagements, backed by the support of members of the Royal Family.

Media frenzy over the meeting announcement

The media frenzy initially kicked off on Wednesday after The Daily Mail reported that the Queen’s royal staff had been called to a meeting in London. This included employees from various royal residences all over the county. The British tabloid described this meeting as being “highly unusual,” leading to speculation that something serious had happened.

According to USA Today, the British Tabloid The Sun had to retract a story they had reported on the prince's death. However, according to a palace official, who preferred to remain unnamed, such meetings do happen from time to time.

The news of the meeting naturally caused a Twitter-frenzy, with one user, Chris Moran, tweeting “Truly remarkable. #Queen #Elizabeth breaks the internet by saying NOTHING. Politicians and wannabe celebs take note!”

Others were just plain funny.