England is in the news for the wrong reason. A Suicide Bomber targeted a concert given by the American pop star Ariana Grande killing 22 and injuring more than 60. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. Maybe this is an answer by Islamic militants to Donald Trump's proposal for a grand alliance against the terror groups. He had proposed this during his visit to Saudi Arabia. This news is reported by CNN International.

Suicide bomber

The concert was being held in Manchester in a stadium with a capacity of 25,000. The stadium was packed to capacity and the suicide bomber targeted the audience when the concert was coming to an end.

The singer has canceled her other shows and tweeted

Terror attack

The attacker was successful in killing 22 people including children and over 60 were injured. There is a chance that the death toll may go up. The Prime Minister Theresa May has called an emergency meeting of the cabinet to discuss the terror attack. During the last terror attack in London, the British Prime Minister had conspicuously avoided using the word "Islamic terror". She will refrain from doing this again.

The terror attack appears to be the handiwork of extremist Muslims. The British police have now confirmed that they have identified the attacker.

One other person who may be involved in the attack is in custody. England is under a state of emergency.

Grande safe

As per reports the American singer, Ariana Grande was not harmed and is safe. The attack took place when people were leaving the concert. A loud explosion was heard and people began to run in a confused and disorderly manner.

It is a moot point as to how the terrorist entered the stadium with bombs and lethal weapons. The police say that one man was involved and he has died during the attack. Donald Trump has expressed his condolences and spoken to Theresa May. He has condemned the terror attackers as "evil losers".

England and terror attacks

England has been the target of many attacks by Islamic militants in the past few weeks.

Just two months back a 52-year-old man drove his car into a crowd killing one and injuring over 40. He was shot dead.

Today, England is mourning the loss of so many innocence in such a tragic way. While people are definitely trying to place blame, there isn't any sense in doing so. These families want their loved ones remembered and answers about what happened and why. Manchester is rallying together and as more details emerge, they will be provided.