Paris, Berlin and now London. The pattern of the terror attacks is similar. Western Europe has not yet come to terms with the source of these attacks. To the layman, it is clear that these attacks including the latest in London are the handiwork of radical Islamic terror groups. The latest attack in London was a well-coordinated act and four have been killed and a dozen injured, some grievously. London police initially referred to the terror attack as a "firearm" incident. Later they admitted it was a terrorist attack but failed to name the source of this terror attack.

The British Pm Theresa May outdid the police as she talked about everything, except radical Islamic terror.

Identifying source of terror

Donald Trump is the only Western leader who has the courage to identify the terror attacks. He has repeatedly articulated that such attacks are the handiwork of radical Islamic terror groups. He mentioned this in his address to Congress a few days back as well. He has also criticized the German policy of inducting a million Muslim refugees. Now Merkel has a problem on her hands and yet will not admit it. The Swedes laughed at Donald's comments and now Donald is laughing as radical Islamic thought takes roots there.

The British had opposed Donalds "Muslim travel ban. " Parliament even debated his state visit to England.

Yet, even now no mainstream British politician has dared to identify the source of the terror attack in London

Psychosis of fear

The western democracies are governed by a psychosis of fear. They do not wish to antagonize a large number of Muslims in their countries. Germany alone has taken in more than a million refugees. They thus do not wish to use the word " radical Islamic terror groups.

" This approach resembles the ostrich who hides his face in the sand during a storm.


The British PM would do well to follow the lead of Donald and identify the roots of terror. Once you identify the source of terror, a solution can be found. One has a feeling this is just the beginning and worse will follow.