United States VP Mike Pence is on a public relations mission in Asia in the hope to clean up President Trump’s diplomatic mess. Since Trump won the elections last year, world leaders have mixed feelings on dealing with the controversial president.

Asians are not fond of Donald Trump

Despite American support in countries such as South Korea and Japan, most countries in the area are not fond of the new US president. People in Asia, especially developing countries, generally think Trump will make America off limits to them.

In places like the Philippines, where providing overseas workers is one of the main industry of the country, a man like Trump is bad news.

This is disconcerting especially with the upcoming ASEAN summit that is to be held in the said country and Trump is among those invited.

VP Pence tries to mend economic fear of Trump’s 'hire American' policy

Trump’s voluminous rhetoric about prioritizing Americans for American jobs and placing high tariffs on China is a threat to developing countries in Asia. Trade deals with Asian countries hang in the balance as Trump teeters precariously on a thin diplomatic tightrope over Asia.

His dealings with North Korea and China are a source of major concern to Asian leaders and VP Pence is on his way to clear things up. The Asia-Pacific area became a more tense region once Trump came to office.

What will be the future of Asia as it deals with Trump?

As Trump starts to end trade deals and erase Obama administration legacy in Asia-Pacific, China will surely have the upper hand. America pulling out means China filling in and Asia would be economically conquered by the massive Chinese economy.

The issue in North Korea will continue to worsen unless the US forces Pyongyang to the diplomatic table.

As long as that event doesn't occur, North Korea will continue to play the obnoxious bully that threatens everybody with his "super-might preemptive strike."

Pence in Muslim Indonesia promoting love for Trump

As Mike Pence continue to slave on cleaning up Trump’s mess, he is now touring Indonesia to mend trade disagreements over mining.

As the largest Muslim country in the world, it is tricky for Pence to spread love for Trump, who earlier this year issued an immigration ban against Muslims.

Mike Pence is now being nicknamed as the "defender-in-chief" and the "Trump's clean-up guy." The overworked VP is slowly transforming from being the Presidential spare tire, to Trump’s personal rhetoric janitor, who will always come to clean the day.