Mexican Marines shot and killed a leading member of one of the strongest drug gangs in Mexico after a burst of fire that broke out at night in Reinosa and caused the burning of dozens of vehicles, the government said yesterday.

The Mexican city of Reinosa is located on the border with the United States, south of Texas in the State of Tamaulipas, which is a major crossing point for drug traffickers to the United States of America. Reinosa is a battlefield for dominance between the Gulf Cartels, one of the oldest and most powerful gangs in Mexico, and Los Seta, who are fighting to control the drug trafficking routes to the United States.

The battle

In the Battle of Reinosa, the Mexican marines killed Juan Manuel Lossa, known by the nickname "El Toro," a Mexican official said. According to the authorities, he was the head of the Gulf Cartel in the city.

The television Station Milenio reported that during the battle of Reinosa 70 fires destroyed at least four buildings. Residents, according to reports, heard a series of explosions during the morning hours.

More successes

The Mexican marines also killed another member of the Los Seta cartel in a separate fire exchange in the state capital, Ciudad Victoria, according to a security official, who spoke to the media.

In Ciudad Victoria, the Marines killed Francesco Kareon, known by the nickname "El Pancho Kareon".

According to a security officer, he was a lower ranking member of the Los Seta hierarchy. The Los Seta became autonomous from the Gulf Cartel in the beginning of 2010. Earlier this month, former governor Tomas Jayrington was arrested in Italy. He's wanted by the United States authorities. A Texas Federal Tribunal has charged him with bribes charges of millions of dollars from the Gulf Cartel and other drug traffickers.

Drug trafficking consequences

More than 100,000 people have been murdered or disappeared due to actions directly attributed to organized crime drug trafficking gangs in Mexico over the past eight years. Additionally, countless more have died because of drugs trafficked by these same gangs. Even though this cannot be accurately measured, it is well known how much pain and suffering drugs cause to both those who use them and to their families. Hopefully, the Mexican authorities will take a hard stance against the drug trafficking gangs and continue with similar successes.